Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Don't go

Something very special happened in my studio the other day. As I was re-visiting works in progress, a black poodle appeared. Through tears and paint, I finished the piece. Spent from emotion, my studio time was cut a bit short. Before I left I wrote these words:

Stars don't fall and stay. 
They are here for a little while 
to shine for a time.
Transformed into something brighter than their physical being...

They are here to bring love 
and you realize how much love YOU can hold.
I don't want you to go....
but I know that you must.

So that you can shine the way you were truly meant to.
To be a beacon.
To be an angel to watch over me.
I now know I never lost you.

I will meet you again and join your light 
and we will shine together.
I love you.

This is dedicated to all my dear friends who have lost fur-babies over the past year or so......Denise, Carissa, Dawn, Jayme, Michelle, Jessica, Pixie, Paula,......and so many other facebook friends that escape me at this moment. ********I knew I would forget some sorry...there were so so many lost - this is also dedicated to Kecia, Laura, Elizabeth, and Lenore. If you have lost a fur-baby please post here and let me know. I want to add you to this list. xoxo******

Each time you lost, I lost all over again. I cried with you and ached for your loss. Oh, but there is love. so much love. And we will see our loved ones again waiting on the rainbow bridge.

This painting is a gift for the lovely Denise Phillips who lost her little dark brown poodle last June. This is for you, little Sidney Matisse Laptop


  1. Love the painting. Loosing a dear pet is always very said.
    Liefs, Melanie

  2. letting the tears fall as they must. Beuautiful piece Mindy, and an ever more beautiful poem. I am coming up on the 4th anni of my sweet's Jazz life's being cut short, the new year has not looked the same since, that date still leaves me feeling her absence. She'd be 8 or so and we were so close, her being a puppy mill rescue and her just fineally learning to trust, learning to show her bright love, it's still heart breaking to me. I still stop in my tracks some days and let the tears fall. I still miss her so much so yes, whenever I hear of someone loosing a fur baby I feel their loss and my own deeply, this piece is a reminder about the love, true, unconditional love and there is nothing else like that....xxooxx

  3. I am so honoured Mindy and absolutely gobsmacked that Sidney Matisse Laptop has inspired you to write and to paint such a lovely tribute! I ache for him even after all these months later, and have had him foremost in my mind for the past week or so, he was a special creature, and as you know we have and had other dogs, but my Sid was my 'touchstone' as he 'knew' all my secrets and took his loyalty to me all the way to his end back in June. You have so deeply touched my heart dear girl, and I Thank You so very much. xoxo <3

  4. You know I am hugging you with my thoughts right now Mindy!!
    My fur babies are so very special to me too and I know how awful it was for you last year. Your painting is gorgeous and I am sure the recipient will adore it.

    X X X

  5. Rarely have I seen anything so genuine and true. Bless you for creating, sharing and caring. Your words give our hearts wings as I know from losing my little Scottie girl earlier this year, my world has simply not been the same. Thank you beyond measure and what to tribute to us all, especially dearheart Denise.

  6. A truly beautiful tribute to all fur baby family members who have passed! Gorgeous work, both words and art!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. What a gorgeous tribute! I just walked through the loss of a furbaby with a close friend... she is trying her best to wrap her mind around losing her very close friend... I will have to send her here Mindy... so she can be blessed by your poem and artwork of Sidney. We all loved Denise's stories of Sidney and were saddened by his departure. You have brought such a beautiful understanding to our hearts. Thank you! <3

  8. This made me cry...Beautiful...Just needed to let you know that you have touched a lot of people with this post

  9. So sweet Mindy, thank you for writing that! I had to pull over and cry the other day as I watched a man walking his dog, I miss my bear dog so much! I keep hearing her walk around the house and then realize she isn't there. Have you ever read Jimmy Stewart's poem about his dog Beau, here is the link.
    They truly are so special!

  10. What an amazing tribute. We have been caring for our two aging pugs. They both have had serious medical issues and we know we are going to have to face the day when we can't help them anymore. I am never going to be prepared for the loss.

  11. Oh my God, the doggy painting is so unreal! It really touches my heart.

  12. boy did that make me tear up. so hard to have them leave us.

  13. Mindy, that is a beautiful piece. Your work always has a way of touching my soul. God bless,Lizzette

  14. Wow. Beautiful and heartbreaking all at once.
    Our little furbabies are so precious and it's so hard when it is time for them to leave...

  15. Wiping away tears... And smiling.... More tears.... What a beautiful tribute! I'm so happy you had this moment & all that came from it. I love you to the moon & back!!

  16. Two months ago my Grey Cat suddenly passed away ...
    I miss her every single day.
    She was 14 y.o. ... she was a Friend, my Best Friend.
    Thank you for your post.
    I only hope that Time will help me.
    Merry Christmas.


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