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2013 paintings

This is coming a little late. Here we are, well into January and I'm just now doing a review of 2013. I'm not really good at these reviews of the past year, but decided that if I could do a visual review of my work then it would be more fun. I am also reading Julia Cameron's Walking in this World and Sound of Paper and some of the exercises has you listing things that you are proud that you've done. I am happy that I created about this body of work, but I feel there is so much still inside me anxious to get out. I have work to do. It feels good. This brimming over with inspiration. A new well, so deep…..I am beyond blessed to paint. This journey has brought me closer to God. It's opened up new friendships…real ones. The ones where you get all giddy on the phone or lay talking till the wee hours of the night at an art retreat where you are bunking together. You can't sleep. You are beside yourself with happiness that you found this soul(s) that seems to get exc…

I found me

I found me
This day is shaped with such love.
I felt your warmth come over my being.
Intricate details revealed themselves to me in an instant.
The rain washes away the dust of the earth. But your light
shines 10 million times brighter than the sun. Yet I cannot look away.

My soul has always been. It's the true me. It's what embodies realness.
Something of the intangible but more tangible than the earthly realms
I trust in YOU.

I wish to go out on great waters. In your hands, I will not fail.
My faith takes on a newness. It's because you teach me.
You crack me open so that light enters and then grows.
I am all Yours. In your presence, I am more me.
That is where my soul dwells.
I have finally found You
and in doing so I found me.

Inspired by Rumi and scripture in Psalm 107: 23:
Those who go down to the sea in ships, who do business on great waters, they see the works of the Lord, and His wonders in the deep. 

Rumi: The wound is the place light enters you.

Oceans Deep prints …

Art Journaling the magic (online version) giveaway winner!

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This day

This piece of writing is inspired by an account I had as a child at about the age of 8 and then at 32 years  of age.

This Day
This day is my present. My now which encompasses it all. His Glory glows in me - a spark.
Waiting to be Born. So that it can grow and sprinkle love and light.
This clarity feels pristine. Newness. Life's elixir. Breathe it in. Take hold. It's my forever being.
My essence that feels more real than my physical-ness. I am here to begin again. Stepping into new spectrums.

My child is my soul. She never grew up really. Nothing has changed except my outer shell.
I actually felt more me as a child. More connected to who I was. More sure of my destiny. Fearless.
See what beholds the Land. Create mountains and colored sky. Fly through the clouds. Burst upward.
Caress your spirit. Gently nudge it to create. Listen to your yearning. For this is our true nature.
How do we get back to that child? Tempt her with color...splashes of light.... nature's brilliance.


Disney Land Retreat

Tangie and I are heading to DisneyLand in Anaheim in just over a month!! I can't wait to create and be inspired by the imagination of Walt himself. Did you know that Walt was told he lacked imagination as a child!?. (can't remember where I heard that, but he certainly proved them otherwise)... :-D

I am offering a giveaway for the ONLINE version of the DisneyLand retreat next month. If you want to find out more info to register go HERE.

To help us spread the word about the retreat, please share via social media (facebook, pinterest, twitter, instagram, etc) and come back here and leave a message. Please tell me your favorite disney character (for fun) and let me know how you shared. Giveaway will be announced next Wednesday, Jan 8th.