Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This day

This piece of writing is inspired by an account I had as a child at about the age of 8 and then at 32 years  of age.

This Day
This day is my present. My now which encompasses it all. His Glory glows in me - a spark.
Waiting to be Born. So that it can grow and sprinkle love and light.
This clarity feels pristine. Newness. Life's elixir. Breathe it in. Take hold. It's my forever being.
My essence that feels more real than my physical-ness. I am here to begin again. Stepping into new spectrums.

My child is my soul. She never grew up really. Nothing has changed except my outer shell.
I actually felt more me as a child. More connected to who I was. More sure of my destiny. Fearless.
See what beholds the Land. Create mountains and colored sky. Fly through the clouds. Burst upward.
Caress your spirit. Gently nudge it to create. Listen to your yearning. For this is our true nature.
How do we get back to that child? Tempt her with color...splashes of light.... nature's brilliance.

Whisper in her ear the music of art until she sings, making music from quietness - stillness. The grandest seas and land were but a vast nothing until God spoke.
Speak loudly your dreams, your wishes. And fly on the wings of a Butterfly. Enveloped in love.

The reference to wings of a butterfly is inspired by the account of Eben Alexander in his book Proof of Heaven.

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  1. I love the innocence and almost child like feel of it.


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