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Lifted Up and LOVED on campaign

UPDATE!!! ----- SLOTS are filled. thank you for participating in this circle of LOVE. watercolors will be sent out in the next few days.

Last week I posted a lil princess watercolor on my instagram, and someone inquired about purchasing it because the words that I put with it had spoken to her since she had been going through something at the time. I decided then, that since I was going through some healing stuff too, that I would just send it to her as a gift of love and in hopes that it lifted her up. Afterwards, my brain began swirling and getting excited about the idea of giving more away!

This is where you come in. I need your help in giving away my little watercolor originals. I thought if I got you involved that it would be a way you could touch someones life as well. And then we all get that spirit-filled feeling when we give something away .....and I get to experience  it x30!

Here is how it will work:

I am giving away 30 small original watercolors. (I'll update the blog …

Wanderlust reminder!

Just a quick reminder about Wanderlust 2017 while it's still available at the special offer price!
Wanderlust is an online mixed media workshop experience featuring 26 amazing tutors and 50 inspirational video classes over the course of a year. The fantastic line up includes Alena Hennessy, Sandra Evertson, Jessica Sporn and Dyan Reaveley to name only a few! Plus me, of course!
I'm writing this reminder now because Wanderlust is only available at the special offer price of £79 until 31th of December 2016 - after this date it will go up to £99 - so you might want to get shopping now while you can grab a bargain.
You can sign up here I hope you'll join me on this exciting creative journey.

Let the Paint Speak: language of the Soul

I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for. - Georgia O'Keefe
Let the Paint Speak: language of the soul  is all about finding our voice through direct contact with the paint. It's about getting up close and wrestling with the layers....the colors.... the marks. This class is about communicating on a deeper level....using art as a way to speak from our soul. This language has no words. It has magic and color and line and bold marks. We are bringing together simplicity through paint to speak with a voice so loud that it cannot be heard..... only felt. Have you ever felt like the art that you are creating is not what you want it to look like?  Are you struggling to put onto canvas what you are feeling inside?

This class applauds the happy accidents, making mistakes, and being better for it. That is where the magic is unveiled....through the wiping away, through the gentle thumb-print on a cheek. I don't k…

Pinkie ornament!

Using the Sweet Peppermint line as inspiration, I painted this sweet Pinkie girl with the gorgeous Art Alchemy paints in magenta, vintage rose, and steampunk copper. I then created her own little gift box using Sweet Peppermint flowers and chipboard bits. Happy creating this Christmas season!
art alchemy paints: magenta 963132 vintage rose 963200 steampunk copper 963064 flowers 590642 chipboard - 991470

Little Shimmery Faces

I sat down the other day with the new metallic watercolor set from Prima and I decided to keep it simple. I used the tiny watercolor pad and a few watercolor pencils to create these sweeties. Remember to keep it simple and do less. By restraining yourself, you can create magic. Sparkle on....
watercolor pencils 576714 metallic watercolor set 589974 watercolor pad 2x3.5" 847692 

Sweet Peppermint!

I love this time of year! Sending little notes of love to friends and family is such a treat for me. To create something by hand brings back the nostalgia of when I was a child. The pastel dreams watercolor set pairs nicely with the Sweet peppermint line of stamps, cards, and die-cuts. Have fun creating quick cards and little paintings for your loved ones this year!

chalk ink Ladybug 891398
chalk ink Turquoise stone 891343
pastel dreams watercolor set - 590253
crystals - 991579
card set - 991531
stamps - 991449
antoinette pink powder 991678

Fall into Watercolor

The changing color.
The dance of light at dusk.
The chirp of a lone cricket in the distance.
Harvest Moon.
Crisp mornings.

I chose to work with Decadent pies and shimmering lights watercolor sets to create this Autumn fairy Princess who sprinkles acorns. She's adorned in the fiery colors of fall. And she dances with the birds. I love to keep my paper where I tested the color. The marks are unintentional and I adore the beauty in their simplicity. I hope you'll have fun playing with the fall colors this season!

Supplies used: watercolor set - decadent pies 584276 5x7 watercolor panel - 585693 watercolor shimmering lights - 590260

Lil Witch in wonderland

This Halloween, I wanted to dress up Julie Nutting's Lil Witch stamp and send her to Wonderland. I used the basic and spring/fall watercolor pencils to create her dress and hat. I cut her out and mounted her with thick craft foam onto my background. This lift allowed me to tuck things under her feet and gave it a 3 dimensional look. I used the harlequin stencil to create a wonderland feel using the matte gel. Then I sprayed color blooms in brimstone wings and dragonfly blue over the top and let the color meander in the cracks and crevices. Art Stones and Sweet Peppermint flowers are sprinkled throughout, creating magic and sparkle! I challenge you to alter the Lil Witch's dress to create your own magical world.

Prima supplies used: Prima harlequin stencil - 961305 art alchemy vintage rose - 963200 Abloom glitter set - 961619 watercolor pencils 576714 Julie Nutting Witch stamp - 911614 color bloom brimstone wings - 588861, dragonfly blue 588830 art stones - 963712 art alchemy paints -�…

Altered Halloween Brush

I always hate throwing old brushes away so I thought why not alter it....?! With Prima's amazing products it is incredibly fun to create crackles and textures and make it new. I first used the Black gesso for the base and then scraped a thick icing-like layer of the copper crackle. (the thicker the layer, the bigger the cracks!) I wanted some dimension to the witch, jack-o-lantern, cat, and bird so I glued little pieces of craft foam on the back to give it a lift.
I hope you enjoy this process and I encourage you to alter an old brush. Happy Halloween!

supplies: art stones - 963712 Sequin - 991968 Rossibelle Flowers - 590581 art alchemy fresh orange - 963194 copper crackle - 961534 soft matte gel - 961428 oil pastels 814328

Prima Product Pick Project

This month I had the joy of creating a project from the incredible Prima products that are featured here. Aren't the colors and textures just incredible? It has such a cozy, yet elegant feel.....! I created a fairy who's in charge of tending the flowers and sprinkling around a bit of magic. She embodies innocence and joy. I laid down down color first with the Color Bloom Sprays in Sugar Plum and Black Tulip. After drying, I used the floral stencil to add dimension and depth to the bed of flowers. I used the new Rossibelle flowers and leaves and sprinkled a little magic dust (Finnabair's art stones) for texture. 

Using the beautiful new Memory hardware artisan powder in Parisian Rose, I tinted her cheeks, lips, and nose. Tip: if you mix a tiny bit of soft gloss gel and the powder, you'll achieve a rich color. I like to dip my brush in the gel then pick up a little powder on my brush. Using the sequins, flowers, and art stones I created her lovely dress and headband. 
I …

Miss Princess ornament

Cinderella is one of my all-time favorite movies. When I was a child, I watched movies over and over again, especially in the summer as a way to escape the hot weather (as well as a mental escape).
I love using the characters from these movies as inspiration for some of my ornament work. For this Miss Princess ornament, I used the art stones and pearls adhered with soft gloss gel to create a stunning texture area at the top of the ornament. And I finished it off by adding a couple flowers wrapped around the top and as a feature point on the back. Remember to sprinkle a little magic wherever you go!

supplies used: Memory hardware pearls - 991944 art alchemy vintage rose - 963200 pink box flowers - 590734 artstones large and small - 963705 soft gloss gel - 961435 sweet peppermint flower - 590628

I just received my ginormous design team box the other day and I just HAD to over-haul my studio. I love how everything is super organized and neat. Now I can get even more creative:

Prima Stencil work

supplies: Prima harlequin stencil - 961305 Prima floral stencil - 584627 art alchemy - vintage rose - 963200 oil pastels 814328 texture paste - 961473 catalyst wedge or palette knife wood board

I adore stencils!! I love using the texture paste on top of a black gessoed wood board. The effects are stunning. Then to enhance the designs with the Prima oil pastels and paints really makes them pop. One of the tricks that I love to do is to extend the design out by drawing similar designs out from the stencil work. I think this helps "marry together" the elements of the background. Also, combining organic shapes and geometric shapes are one of my favorite ways to use stencils.
Here is a short video of the process. enjoy!!


I am so excited to announce I'll be teaching for Wanderlust next year! I hope you'll join us in this journey.....
Wanderlust is whole year long journey - an online event offering you videos from24 guest teachers and 2 resident teachers on weekly basis (each one is full length, high quality and downloadable), access to the Wanderlust Community with a supportive and friendly atmosphere, where all classes are gathered. You will also find there various activities that will stimulate your creativity and motivate you to simply enjoy the process of making art. Together with the class you will also get an exclusive whole year discount to leading art and craft retailers.. Wanderlust class is the perfect alternative to in-person classes!

Buy Wanderlust 2017 before 31st December 2016 and save 20%! Early Bird Price - £79! (regular price £99) Now it’s a great time to buy the class to take advantage of the current exchange rate!
Follow the teacher's reveals every day on Everything Arts Soc…