Monday, December 19, 2016

Lifted Up and LOVED on campaign

UPDATE!!! ----- SLOTS are filled. thank you for participating in this circle of LOVE. watercolors will be sent out in the next few days.

Last week I posted a lil princess watercolor on my instagram, and someone inquired about purchasing it because the words that I put with it had spoken to her since she had been going through something at the time. I decided then, that since I was going through some healing stuff too, that I would just send it to her as a gift of love and in hopes that it lifted her up. Afterwards, my brain began swirling and getting excited about the idea of giving more away!

This is where you come in. I need your help in giving away my little watercolor originals. I thought if I got you involved that it would be a way you could touch someones life as well. And then we all get that spirit-filled feeling when we give something away .....and I get to experience  it x30!

Here is how it will work:

I am giving away 30 small original watercolors. (I'll update the blog post when the 30 slots are filled)

Here is a sampling of what I will be giving away....

  • Is there someone in your life who is going through something....sickness....heartache....loss....grief....depression....anxiety....or simply just having a bad week or month. Do you know someone who needs lifted up and loved on? Is it a friend, family, or acquaintance, or stranger....?
  • Email me your loved ones mailing address (I kindly ask that you not send me personal information of what they are going through for privacy issues...just that they need lifted up and loved on)
  • SLOTS ARE FILLED........
  • use LULO as the subject line
  • I will select one random watercolor to send to your loved one. (they range in size from 2.5x4" to 3x6" and fit nicely in a standard size envelope)
  • international addresses are welcome!
  • include your name 
  • there are 30 slots. the first 30 to email me will have a watercolor sent to the "loved on" one that they mentioned. 

Your loved one will be sent a watercolor and a sweet note from me that says:

____________   and I want you to know that you are lifted up in prayer. We want you to know that we love you and we'd like to send you something beautiful in hopes that it may lift your spirit and bring you a sparkle of Joy. Our hope for you is healing, peace, and happiness.

__________ specifically requested this to be sent you. You are LOVED beyond measure and you are LIFTED up!

with love and blessings,
Mindy Lacefield


  1. I can't get the email to go thru... says permanent failure.

  2. Mindy...what an amazing woman you are. Thank you for using your gifts and talents for others' encouragement and God's glory ♥ If it would be okay with you... may I do a similar project with my art for 2017?

    1. of course!! I truly wanted others to keep it going :-) yay!! awesome dear girl. lots of love

  3. This is so great, Mindy. Thanks for posting. As someone mentioned above, email address will not go through. "Permanent failure."

  4. I had the same issue twice with the email address :(

  5. I had the same issue with the failed email.
    But I'd love to do something similar in 2017. Is it okay to use your hashtags, Mindy?

  6. Hi Mindy - I just saw your painting of Princess Leia on Facebook and she´s beautiful! Can I ask what type of brush it is you are using? It looks almost like a mix between a brush and a pen?

    1. It is a water brush that I am using with watercolor.

    2. I believe this is the one. small tip:

  7. what a sweet sweet idea! i was just reading about it and wanted to tell you how dear it is that you did this! can you imagine the happiness you spread x 30!? well done're a peach!

  8. Hi Mindy, I've been to tell you that my sister absolutely loved the watercolor you sent her as part of the LULO. She was so moved by it she couldn't call me because she was in tears so she texted me. Thanks again for doing this and spreading the love and your beautiful art. Anna


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