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Your Dreams Become your Journey

Your dreams become your journey. I believe that speaking your dreams out loud, or better yet painting them, you bring them to life! I used this month's Make it Prima inspiration as a watercolor vision board of sorts....adding florals, geometrics, and a sweet fawn using the Pastel Dreams and Decadent Pie watercolor palettes. I then used the Watercolor pencils to add text. I added a touch of water to activate them and bring forth their rich color. Here's to painting your Dreams!
Watercolor Pad 8.5x11 - 847746 Decadent Pies - 584276 Pastel Dreams - 590253 Watercolor pencils Vintage Love - 584672

Magical Fairytale Land

This class contains over 40 minutes of real time creating. I'll show you how to make your Watercolor dream vision board of sorts as we paint our dreams into reality. I think the power of speaking things over our lives (and better yet painting them!) we can make dreams REAL! class details: $20Project posts August 4thlifetime accesswatercolor instructionsupply video talkflorals, hills, castle, girl, dreams!!

Magical Fairytale Land is an ala carte project from my Watercolor Play and Discover. (please do NOT sign up if you are in that class)

You can sign up HERE


Strathmore ready cut hot press watercolor paper: 8x10 pastel dreamsdecadent pies, and the basic set (basic set is optional and a great base starter set) Niji small tip or prima water brush watercolor pencils stabilo graphite pencil isabey travel brush (any small brush will be fine) You'll see me use this so I have a feeling you'll want to know what it is. #4 --> I got this brush to travel with.

Dreams Become Real!

While we are waiting to sell our house....I decided to paint my dreams of living in Florida. I am waiting on divine timing but if I'm honest, my patience is short. Not a great characteristic but maybe I'll do a better job in trusting God's plan for us. I do think visualizing your dreams and speaking them (or heck why not paint them) can help them come to pass.....
I thought I'd give it a try....

Original 10x10" 8x10 prints available

ps. a little more back story on the house. We thought we had it sold. Two families were super interested asking detailed questions and coming to see the house twice. They wanted to look under the house and the their realtor said they were ready to make the offer. We were super hyped....(well I was. Tim is super even-keeled and patient and doesn't get the least bit excited until the dotted line is signed) Well several days went by and So I texted my agent and asked. She said that they were hesitant and were sti…

Colors of the Wind

One of my favorite disney princesses is Pocahontas! This piece took many adjustments and I just enjoyed the slow process of her taking shape. I am finding that using Gouache for the tiny details like the leaves and the facial features is a bit easier than using acrylic. there is something very plastic about acrylic and the details can get lost in the brush stroke if you aren't super careful. Gouache lays flat is has a nice matte finish. It is also very opaque - working perfectly for adding details.
The original has already sold, but I do have prints now available in the shop!

Watercolor play and Discover - bonus lesson!

Coming soon to my ongoing Watercolor class this year.....a new bonus lesson on big eyes and luscious lashes....

you can sign up anytime!
Project will be live July 28th.

New Original work

I have some new original work available in my shop!!

Betina -acrylic/mixed media
Miss Rosette - water mixable oils
Cotton Candy Princess - watercolor
Lovely Violet - watercolor

Water Mixable oils class GIVEAWAY Winners!!!

Congrats to Teri B. and Paige!! You are winners of my giveaway for the Water Mixable oils class. I hope you enjoy and thanks to everyone who helped spread the word!!

click on picture above to learn more and register class begins August 7, 2017

Water Mixable Oil Basics - online class

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at Oil painting but didn't know where to begin. I think if you are a watercolorist, mixed media, or acrylic painter then water-mixable oils is the perfect way to try your hand at oil painting. I love that it cleans up nicely with water. This is definitely a way for you to experiment with oil paint without breaking the bank. Guys, this oil paint is super inexpensive and we'll only be using 5 colors. I'll show you how to mix color and thin it out so it brushes on and moves over your substrate. The things I love about water mixable oils: the Weber brand I use is nice and rich and thick.... AND it's inexpensiveit mixes with water, so no messy solvents and fumes!it pairs nicely with acrylic mediumsit dries WAY faster!it acts just like regular oil paint as far as consistency goes

Class begins August 7th, 2017 Early bird registration through July 23rd - $40 Regular registration begins July 24 - $55

Class content details: 2 videos about mixi…