Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Magical Fairytale Land

This class contains over 40 minutes of real time creating. I'll show you how to make your Watercolor dream vision board of sorts as we paint our dreams into reality. I think the power of speaking things over our lives (and better yet painting them!) we can make dreams REAL!
class details:
  • $20
  • Project posts August 4th
  • lifetime access
  • watercolor instruction
  • supply video talk
  • florals, hills, castle, girl, dreams!!

Magical Fairytale Land is an ala carte project from my Watercolor Play and Discover. (please do NOT sign up if you are in that class)


Strathmore ready cut hot press watercolor paper: 8x10
pastel dreamsdecadent pies, and the basic set (basic set is optional and a great base starter set)
isabey travel brush (any small brush will be fine) You'll see me use this so I have a feeling you'll want to know what it is. #4 --> I got this brush to travel with.

Da vinci brush  i use this da vinci brush   --->> quill size 1 and 2   (yikes, I realized it is SO expensive so try using what you have) ---->> the bamboo brushes can be an alternate

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