Tuesday, November 10, 2009

my dogs

Oh how my dogs make me happy. I just had to share this video of us about to head out for a walk. my sweet yorkie, dudley is apparently camera shy....... :-)

Cosmo is my poodle. He is such a lovely dog who just loves to snuggle. dudley on the other hand is a little weird one who doesn't like to be held but follows me around the house, studio, kitchen all day. he makes every step i make.


  1. looks like Cosmos is all about it and Dudley...maybe not so much!!!! too cute!
    loved hearin your sweet voice Mindy!!

  2. thats so cute and hes adorable....and i loved hearing your voice the best....miss you

  3. ha!!! i swear i laugh every time i watch this. i was actually trying to get dudley to do his little "thumper" move he does before he goes out but this was all that i got..... :-)

    miss ya'll dearly too. xoxox

  4. that is so cute. I love the little head turning away.

  5. cutest dogs mindy. i love dudley's face! this made me happy!

  6. hey you!! hope your monday is treating you well!
    i left you a little something on my blog - when you get a chance...check it out!!

  7. hi miss mindy...just checkin in. hope you're smiling.


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