Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Live in oneness.

Live in the Free.
Move with purpose.
act on magical happenings.
celebrate your vulnerabilities.
believe in yourself.
trust your path.
create kindness and sprinkle it often.
let the wind take you where the sun shines on your back.
go to the sea and smell the salty air.
take it in your lungs and sing out a new song of enlightenment.
walk among the trees and notice the crunch of the ground beneath you.
look up and revel at the oneness that is this forest.
take note of birds in flight. effortless beauty.
watch intently the squirrels leap from limb to limb. acrobats among the trees.

may oneness define you.
may oneness free you.
may oneness with nature captivate your heart.
and many oneness with mankind consume your passion.


  1. Mindy....absolutely beautiful. This touched me deeply. Thank you for sharing ox, mary ann

  2. So beautiful, so peaceful, yet so incredibly powerful.
    I am learning the art of living with "mindfulness", a technique to help me focus beyond my physical pain.
    I think to Live in oneness would add an extra dimension to my life.
    Thank you for sharing this Mindy,
    Hugs, Sue xx xx

  3. This is a delicious breath of fresh air blowing in this morning! C x

  4. ***CUTE ART! Thanks for the NEAT POST!!!***

  5. Mindy, these words are so beautiful. Your writing just keeps getting better and better, not to mention your art!!!

    Can't wait to squeeze you!


  6. Hi Mindy, just love your words, so beautiful x


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