Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lifeblood of YOU

What has become your chalice of knowledge over the past week......? month.....? year.....? 10 years......?
And by Chalice, I mean something you can hold that is sacred. The lifeblood of you. Realizing the vulnerable scary bits and coming off not perfect....those. Those. What can you define in yourself that you are unsure of?
Don't you realize that if you weren't trying so hard to be appear perfect in the eyes of others that you would come closer to reaching them. Show them the YOU. I am telling you this to tell me again.

When you can hold something in the sacred cup, you bare witness to its fruitfulness. It no longer seems scary. It is all out there to see. Held together by steel. Held up by your hands.

Hold up your Chalice and claim your most spectacular YOU.


  1. Le tue creature sono meravigliose, le tue pagine un racconto inarrestabile e fantastico!

  2. This is a little different for you! NICE!!

  3. the chalice of womanhood, of girlhood, of our self in its imperfection and yet, CELEBRATED.
    The time to pause. Breathe. Reaching in, reaching out, playing in paint. sky above, birds twittering. YOU are sacred teacher and playmate, Mindy, thanks for the AMAZING "Fourish from sacredness" painting that is now in my studio/scared space. hugs, xo Chrisanne


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