Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Red rock

I dreamt of the red rock last night.
Aching to see coyotes under the clear, starry sky
To hear them calling in the habitat that was made for them.

I relinquish it all.
I hand it over.
I am free.

I send it up to the stars so that it meanders
around until it finds no place to land
and then evaporates as if it never
existed at all.


  1. this takes my breath away, and inspires me so much! Thank you for sharing your process and talent, my jaw drops every time! Each picture you create comes from the heart and is truly beautiful and soulful.

  2. Love your art, love your writing, and watching this video was SO fucking inspiring. THANK YOU for sharing your heart with the world!! xox

  3. Such a great piece, full of emotion. Really beautiful.

  4. Wow truly awesome...feel very much at home here and filled with your inspiration. I am your new follower and will take a class one day but for now I can only enjoy the pieces that you share on your blog, thank you

  5. Mindy, Your artwork is magical. I actually tried to paint along. I've got an image of the finished piece on my blog.


    I had so much fun following along.


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