Friday, October 11, 2013

Radiant Light

When you are still, you shine your radiant, divine light.
Your true self begins to emerge.
Walking alone in the woods
you witness the birds.
The sun's light shining through the trees
suddenly becomes a star. And cross.

You wonder about the universe
and how small you feel.
Standing at the base of forest floor
leaves finally still from the crunch under your feet
you let the sun sparkle on your face.

Glistening moments, when you realize
you are not alone
A parade of light specks overwhelm your senses
You feel embraced by them. warmed
There is only this moment.
Only the tiny cricket sounds matter.
In this moment, clarity wins.
In this moment, my presence is eternal.


  1. So beautiful, Mindy. Such serenity in nature and stillness. I crave that connection and seek it out as often as I can.

  2. Mmmm....beautifully captured, Mindy. Looking forward to my afternoon walk. As always, deeply inspired & ever so grateful!! Thank you so much for sharing. Many gorgeous fall blessings ~H♥~

  3. love and light so embracing Mindy

  4. Hi Mindy,
    Love the poem and the artwork. Magical. I could feel those little specks on sunlight on my face and the crunch of leaves under my feet...I was transported..
    Have a great Sunday and week. :)

  5. so beautiful. you always inspire me.

  6. well, I'll try again! Where did my post go? Such a treat to see you in Portland. I love your newest book. The poetry and ideas are delightful. I'll try to send this one and keep my fingers crossed!


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