Sunday, June 15, 2014

Paper and Paint - Susana's new workshop

I am currently taking Susana's workshop, called Paper and Paint. I am having so much fun creating collage elements for my finished pieces. Susana is so real, gentle, sweet spirit. She has participated as a guest artist in two of my online classes and I'm so blessed for sharing her spirit and talents with my students. I truly feel we can teach but we must always, always remain a student. She has taught me so much. Thank you Susana for the light you shine. It is far reaching! You inspire me dear girl.

here are some of Susana's gorgeous collages

here are some of the collage bits I made from her class:


  1. I love the Sunshine in my Soul Today collage!

  2. yehhheiiii Thank you for spreading the word about me and my this moments I truly know that I am a blessed child of the universe, with the presence go God and my guardian Angels always by my side. Thank you my dear friend. Love to you!

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