Thursday, April 23, 2015

Travel materials

Last week, on our Disney cruise I posted a couple photos of my make-shift painting table. One of my best friends, Nolwenn Petitbois asked me what all I took on these adventures so I wanted to share with you all here the materials that I took on board the Disney Magic. Keep in mind this little space was only around 2ft x 3ft. I used a cup cover (ones that go over the cocktail glasses that our found in many hotel rooms) filled with tissue to dab the paint after rinsing the brushes.

Normally I only carry my journal and watercolors. I did take those too but I sometimes I get frustrated and just want to glue and paint and layer.....So I took some minimal items to keep me creating.
watercolor paper 9x12
Cardboard pad to protect the surface

7 paints as well as glue and a catalyst wedge
paint colors:
paynes gray
carbon black
turquoise craft paint
neon red craft paint ---> can be found at craft stores for around $1.50
black white matte paint
quin nickel azo gold- golden

a long brush holder that holds all my pencils, oil pastels, sharpeners, etc
(the link is from utrecht. I got this at a local art store for around $5.00)

gallery neon pink pastel
caran d'ache neo color ii
a few colored pencils
6b pencil
stabilo graphite pencil

some ephemera

I ended up creating several paintings as well as a gift for a table mate for her birthday. I love being able to take my paints and create.


  1. glad you had a vacation to take and art to create,,love your work!!

  2. You are always so inspiring, Mindy, love how you used your free time on the cruise to create. No books to read for you, I so get it. When I travel I always take a pad and watercolor and my favorite water brush....!! thanks for sharing your new pictures. Love them all!!

  3. Thanks for the inspiration Mindy, as always your girls are beautiful x

  4. Awe, I love this! Your pieces are absolutely beautiful & I LOVE seeing what you travel with - it inspires me to take much less ;) xo

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