Thursday, July 2, 2015

Movies and such

Every year I used to make a list of my top all-time favorite movies. I used to do this around the time of the oscars to build up excitement for the award season. As of late, since my journey with focus as turned. But I thought, why not bring it back....movies are a huge part of my life. When I was a kid, movies were my escape....into beautiful worlds where imagination ran free.

I go once a week by myself to a matinee and many times once with my husband on the weekend. Several factors go into making this list and include.... movies i like to watch over and over, artistic creativity, special effects, story, beauty, heart

so here we go, this should be fun:

1. E.T
2. 2001: a space odyssey
3. Cinderella (live action 2014)
4. It's a Wonderful life
5. Terminator 2: Judgement day
6. Vertigo
7. The Natural
8. Edward Scissorhands
9. Return of the Jedi
10. Neverending Story

so I suppose why not go ahead with my 5 favorite male actors:

1. Robert Redford
2. Jimmy Stewart
3. Kevin Costner
4. Arnold Schwarzeneggar
5. Johnny Depp

Favorite directors:
1. Stanley Kubrick
2. Tim Burton
3. Alfred Hitchcock
4. Guillermo del Toro
5. James Cameron
Check out my inspiring movie stills pinterest board

What are some of your favorite movies?


  1. good question, i'll have to think about it :)

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  3. I don't watch a lot of movies, but I love the Pixar movies. My older sons took the family to see "Inside Out", for my birthday, and I loved it! Great movie!

  4. Amelie! I think you would like that one!


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