Monday, November 30, 2015

Sparkles Within

This light
her divine being is ever-present
taking a bite out of the night sky
eating up the light of the stars

This all-consuming something.
it must get out.
the more present
the more still
flourishing there in the nothingness

Revealing itself as color
light is color
vibrating energy
the slowness of blue
the patience of purple

Her art is the only way out
it is the only access to divine
to stillness
He called her there.
He showed her once more for the very first time.
His Light = the light living inside her

She sparkles from within
and then she opens
full from the light that is aching to get out.


  1. She is adorable!! And these words are exactly what my soul needed to hear this morning. xoxo

  2. beautifully written and illustrated in your sparkle girl. just lovely!

  3. Dear Mindy, I can so associate with these words. God has recently showed me 'once more for the very first time'... My word for 2015 is 'light' ... and here at the end of the year He began teaching me about it!

    1. oh LIGHT is such a powerful word! great choice dear girl. shine it girl, shine it! thank you for stopping by the blog and sharing. My word this year was Listen. I guess I need to start listening to see what my word for next year will be. sending lots of love your way!


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