Sunday, June 19, 2016

Primitive Doll!

So excited to share with you this Primitive Doll class. This is my first ever stitched class. We will create a super-easy primitive doll with lots of character! We will stitch our doll and then finish her off by roughly painting the face.....all on wonderful muslin.

Who this class is FOR:
  • anyone wanting to create their own primitive doll
  • those of you who like to paint and dabble in sewing
  • anyone with basic sewing machine skills. (this is not a class on how to set up or run a machine)
  • anyone who is too impatient to sew by hand...(raises hand!)
  • who likes to paint faces!
  • If you know how to sew dolls but are looking for inspiration and technique on painting faces on the dolls then come on and join in!
Who this class isn't geared towards:
  • anyone who already knows how to free motion stitch and make simple dolls AND Paint faces on their dolls (although this might inspire you so jump in either way)
  • someone who has never sewn or doesn't own a sewing machine without the capability for free motion stitching

What you'll need for the class:
  1. a sewing machine with the ability to lower feed dogs --> and a quilting foot (or free motion foot)
  2. cotton muslin - unbleached
  3. any other pretty fabric you like for the back of the doll and legs
  4. pretty trim: ribbon, flowers, lace etc
  5. fiber fill  
  6. thread - I like black or red to stitch. (any color will be fine for the bobbin)
  7. pencil - I use a stabilo graphite but any graphite is fine
  8. liquid stitch - for gluing on trim/ribbon and for any lil imperfections
  9. Fabric only scissors  - these are the ones I use. cheap and good! I like having a small pair as well for the little jobs such as cutting loose threads and trimming away access fabric from your doll. This is a good set (or something similar)

  1. stabilo graphite
  2. prima oil pastels or portfolio pastels (set of 24)
  3. soft gloss gel - great for sealing and using with the well as gluing on any trim or small things to the doll.
  4. prima watercolor pencils - basic set. you could also use regular colored pencils. but i love how these soak into the fabric
  5. distress ink - walnut - we will use this to add some distressing and interest to the doll. 
  6. white paint - I like a matte finish white paint but use what you have on hand
  7. off white paint - this is good to have on hand for painting the face on your doll. 
    • This is a great color if you want to have a darker skin toned doll. - then you can work with the colored pencils to add depth and dimension
  8. mop brush - 1/2 white bristle (cheap and easy for painting the base coat on the doll. you'll love the scruffiness it gives you)
  9. Dina Wakley round brushes
  10. stamp pad - I use staz on
  11. stamps - here and here 
  12. foam stamps
  • class begins July 26th, 2016. Sign up anytime
  • "lifetime access". videos are downloadable
  • early registration: through July 10th -->> $49
  • regular registration: begins July 11th -->> $59
  • 8 total videos of how to create the angel doll and bunny doll

Here are some examples of other dolls I've created using the same technique. The ideas and possibilities are limitless!!


  1. Omg Mindy !!!! These are so so adorable ! I am going to think hard about taking this class . I use to make all types of primative folk dolls years an years ago ....

  2. About how long are the videos? I have done some drawing and painting before, including faces. Would you recommend reading your book before taking the class?

    1. The videos range in time from 15-25 minutes. The last one with the bunny is 30 minutes. no, you don't have to do the book. I would suggest doing the card deck (how to paint a face) though....

    2. Thank you. Will use this class as motivation to finish a spinning project so that I can dive into the doll making with no undone projects to distract. Looking forward to this!


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