Monday, November 20, 2017

Magical Twins

These magical twin fawns have truly been a soul-inspiring and a stirring within me. Their fragility and innocence is such a beautiful thing to witness. I loved to watch them play and frolic in the backyard. I even one time caught them doing the Zoomies ! And a bit of hide and seek. They felt protected and safe out here. I would sometimes see their mom laying down in the brush with the kiddos exploring not far away. I wanted to celebrate nature and her all gifts and to paint these beautiful babies. I hope you find lots of nature's gifts.... God's gifts, in unexpected your back yard....or on a vacation to the beach.....or simply running an errand and you see an owl along the highway. Let's capture the magic and journal and paint and create these gifts. Let's celebrate how God a mini-me ("in His image")....creators creating beauty. Embrace the beauty of all these gifts!

Join me as we create "Magical Twins". In this class, we start drawing directly on the wood showcasing the woodgrain and beautiful smoothness. We then move into color and utilize an acrylic polymer to thin out the paint to make it more subtle when shading around the eyes and nose area. This class is over 1.5 hours of real time video content. I also have a video focusing on painting eyes and all the tricks and blending to achieve a darling doe-eyed girl. This class is on demand so the content is ready and waiting for you once you register.
Video content is broken down into smaller, manageable chunks and the eye focus video comes with a practice pdf where you can practice your own eye.
the details at a glance:
  1. $35 
  2. on demand --> content ready as soon as you register
  3. 1.5 hours of video content
  4. eye focus video
  5. eye practice pdf
  6. walk you through each step of real time creating
  7. a video on sealing and varnishing the painting
  8. 7 total videos -->> 5 parts for the start to finish painting, one video eye focus, and sealing

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