Monday, December 4, 2017

Create your own Washi tape, stickers, and pouches online offering

Happy December everyone!! I am so excited about this new online offering. It is a bit different than any of my other classes because it's all about designing and creating your own line of pouches, washi tape and stickers! With the planner community exploding, this is an amazing way to reach a huge audience of those folks who use a daily planner and who create planner art. I mean we can all use more stickers and washi in our lives right?! Annnndddd.....the pouch is the perfect size to hold your stickers and washi to carry with your planner! Perfect!

The only problem I found is how do I create these wonderful things? I mean, there is society 6 and other on-demand print options. But they are not very cost effective to resell in your shop or at craft fairs, nor have I found a place that can customize and create washi tapes. Until just a few months ago. I have found a contact that has been Awesome to work with. So far, I have designed 5 styles of washi tape. The first set of tapes sold out within 24 hours and when I launched my pouches, there was a frenzy of activity in my shop too. I love that Etsy has evolved and allowed production partners for your shop so that you can sell these amazing products.

I will be revealing my partners and walking you through the design process to create your own tapes, pouches, and stickers. It really is easier than you might think, but I do feel you need some direction of Where to go and How to go about it. This is where I come in. I walk you through photoshop and one other easy online program to create your designs. I give you ordering specifics and the ins and outs of minimum order quantities and exactly how to order with my partners.

Here are some things to consider before signing up:

  • high speed internet
  • MAC or PC (I'll be using a Mac)
  • photoshop (*for stickers and one demo alternative for washi)
  • images scanned in at 300dpi (*I will not be covering scanning in class)

class details:
  • class begins January 1st, 2018
  • Early registration $49 through December 26th, lifetime access
  • Regular registration begins December 27th --> $59
  • I show you exactly, step-by-step (through a recorded screen video of how to layout and design your pouch, washi and stickers) as well as how to go about ordering. Each partner is a bit different.
  • I layout all the measurements and walk you through (via video) how to get your images/art into a form ready for your products.
  • examples of image files, and written directions, tips, and reminders
  • exact links to partners website, ordering, and email addresses you'll need
  • I'll be working with a MAC, but you can also use a PC. (*directions in photoshop may be slightly different)
  • MOQ of the washi tapes (for 1 design) is 50 rolls (so this requires about an initial investment of around $100). each design order is 50 rolls minimum. so if you have 3 designs, you will be required to order 150. this is for the partners to keep costs down. they cannot make small runs of these tapes
  • *no minimum order for pouches
who this class is designed for:
  • someone with a library of images/art
  • someone looking to get their own washi tapes, pouches and/or stickers printed to resell
  • someone who has basic computer skills with double clicking, dragging, resizing, etc
  • **sticker designs will require photoshop. with Washi, I'll show you two methods (one with and one without using photoshop) for pouches, you won't need photoshop.
  • basic knowledge of photoshop CS6 for creating stickers
  • someone with a scanner to scan in their artwork
  • someone who is in search of a washi tape, pouch, and sticker strategic partner.
who this class is NOT designed for:

  • someone who doesn't have a scanner to scan images
  • someone who doesn't have several images/art to use in the products
  • someone who doesn't have basic computer skills
  • someone without high speed internet

What you'll need before we start:
  1. a scanner - I will not cover scanning in class but you'll need to have artwork scanned in at 300DPI. I use an EPSON v700 photo scanner. Here is the updated version
  2. photoshop - *for stickers mainly. but I'll also show you an additional method for creating washi in photoshop too. I use CS6. You can download a trial version of photoshop or sign up for the creative cloud. Photoshop is an investment that is well worth it. I will NOT be covering basic photoshop skills but I'll be showing you exactly how to create these. If you want to learn more about photoshop, I recommend signing up for a class on
  3. a small investment of about $100 to purchase washi tapes. - *if/when you decided to order

here are some examples of these items I've designed:

update: congrats to Susana Tavares and Melanie have won the giveaway!!
I need your help spreading the news about this class -  
  • I'm going to give away 2 spots. (if you've already signed up, no worries....if you win, I'll refund your money)
  • Please share this blog post link on your blog, pinterest, instagram (tag me if you like: @mindy_lacefield), or Facebook, etc
  • come back here and let me know - leave your name, email address, and how you shared (***your posts will not be published to protect your email for spammers)
  • drawing will be done on December 8th, 2017

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