Friday, January 5, 2018

Casey - a new on demand lesson

have a new lesson for anybody that wants to focus on the mouth, particularly a mouth that shows just a bit of teeth. The lips are open slightly. I have just started creating lips this way and wanted to share with you my process. It is easier than you might think! And while I was painting the lips, I went ahead and painted a whole face for you. The video is about 24 minutes long and I walk you step-by-step through the process of drawing and painting a face and we will focus on lips that are slightly open.

  • $15
  • lifetime access
  • 1 video of real time creating - 24 minutes long
  • draw the face and placement
  • structure
  • using a few paint colors
  • eye shading
  • lip focus with PDF step-by-step tutorial for you to print out and follow along



    1. You're a tease, Mindy! Now look what you made me do!

      In Christ alone,

    2. Good afternoon Mindy..i love the look of this one, oh heck, who am i kidding, all of I am considering one of your classes, but i am not sure as to which one. Which would you suggest is best for someone looking to learn to apply acrylic paint to canvas or wood... I've painted with watercolour... I just can't get the groove for applying acrylics.


      1. I would do Penelope or Draw and Paint a Girl first. then if you want a longer class, check out the 24 Faces project. I paint faces on wood in those classes. I hope that helps!


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