Monday, August 27, 2018

Candy Cauldron

“Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble.” - from Shakespeare's Macbeth
It is my favorite time of year and I spend half off the summer dreaming and planning for Halloween adventures in art. We are going to be working in our journals, midori style using lots of fun techniques I've never done before. We will be incorporating watercolor ground on some of the pages. We will also be creating a Jack and Sally ornament for your Halloween tree. Here is some homework for you to do before class lots of Tim Burton movies and The Quay brothers.
We will take inspiration from Tim Burton, Disney Halloween, and Quay brothers and stir them in our cauldron to create our own girls and pour them into our journal. This is a safe place to experiment and cook up some lively little creepies!
Art Club Pricing: $45 through September 16th.
Early Registration: $59 through September September 16th
Regular Registration: $79 starts September 17th
10 total lessons with over 6 hours of video content

We will be sharing via an instagram hashtag. (sorry no FB group for this class)

americana - sweet mint
various craft paint colors that you love and/or Tim Holtz distress paints

Daniel Smith watercolors: (this is my palette. I use Zosite, Hematite burnt scarlet genuine, Terre ercolano, sepia, Aussie red gold, moon glow, duo cactus flower, under sea green, sleeping beauty genuine are my favorites)

Prima square brush(for painting stripes)
markers- optional
krylon spray varnish (to finish and seal paintings)
plastic ornament:
Jane Davenport -blank butterfly journal
Tracing paper - optional (we will be working out composition with this)
a few colored pencils: red, purple, green
ribbon or decorative string for your ornament and to hang your bookmark painting in your journal
mod podge or some kind of glue
inspiration photos online. begin googling for inspiration. 

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