Wednesday, August 7, 2019

More classes being retired....!!

I am retiring more classes!! I just feel like making room for new is in the air. I love new inspiration. 
Here are some FAQs about retiring classes:

You are retiring these classes, does that mean I won't have access to these once retired? Absolutely NOT. Once you sign up, these classes are yours and you won't lose access.

How long will these classes be offered at the Retirement sale price? I plan on offering these retirement prices through the end of 2019. I may extend that through 2020 if I see some interest continue.

How long will I have access to the classes once I sign up? You get lifetime access to the course content. You are also welcome to download any content. (you would even get access if I decide to move platforms. which is a possibility.) They will remain in your library when you sign into your Ruzuku account.

Do you offer support, critiques, etc on these retired classes? I'm so sorry, but no I won't be able to offer support on these classes. These are considered self work and are no longer monitored. 
Originally $19, now $9

originally $35, now $15

originally $99, now $40

originally $35, now $15

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