Wednesday, September 4, 2019

a fresh change....

Do you love that feeling of change? Sometimes uncomfortable. Sometimes exciting. Sometimes a little bit of both.
I have been feeling this shift coming on and I really didn't know what direction it would lead me. Trusting that over time and with lots of work, I could grab hold a bit better. It's revealing itself.

I am listening.

I am feeling the need to draw more. To expand my library of imagery. To create mindful little things. Instead of "letting it happen". I am a lover of the happy accident, yes. But perhaps in another form.

Here I go with my change.
working with gouache, colored pencil, and watercolor.

I am unsure where this will go. But I'll be here listening and ready to go where He leads me.

here are some new happy's that I've been working on:
birds, cabins, kokeshi, pumpkin, owls, witches, lil kids

These are in my Big Cartel shop now

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