Friday, November 1, 2019

Secret Garden using tombow markers and colored pencils

I've been experimenting with my tombow markers again. I love that there are pastel and muted tones as well as bright, rich pigment colors. They pair nicely in floral artwork. The key to using both brights and pastel is to overlap when you can. I like to start light and work up to the brighter colors.
When everything is dry, you can keep adding marks with colored pencil and highlights with a gel pen.

Below are the step by steps:
The surprise red (neon pink) colored pencil is laid down in sketchy floral shapes.

Then, I began with the pastel tones and colored in round, floral shapes. I used the dark purple next.

 Remember to color around some of the elements.

Activate your markers with water.
Allow to dry.

Then add more details with marker and colored pencil. I love layering like this!

And lastly, add highlights with a white gel pen.
These markers mix well with other materials. I also love layering with watercolor pencil!

And here is Secret Garden all finished!

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