Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Pac-Man and Pixie Dust and a much needed hiatus

 I've been playing lots of Mrs. Pacman again. I got a tabletop arcade and it has Mrs. Pacman, a few other pac-man games like super pacman, Galaga and Digdug. Apparently there is a Dig-dug 2 that I had no idea about. 

I was kinda worried that we wouldn't play it much but the competition in having the high score with your initials keeps Tim and I going back.

New goals for me lately have been to keep honing of my art and growing. A bit less teaching but not too much less. I enjoy it too much!

I found that I lose focus when I try to post to social media everyday so I am taking a few weeks to a month off from Instagram. I may post some on Facebook but it's instagram that I have issues with. I first thought it was mostly not being good enough and comparison. But I'm thinking now it's also more about losing focus. And ya know, I have been stagnant with new followers since last December. I am absolutely grateful for everyone that follows me, but to not grow in over half a year really can be exhausting to try to create content continuously. It looks like instagram is moving more into the video arena along with tik-tok......which is unfortunate. 

So in the mean time, my focus is growing my art journey.... playing lots of mrs. pac-man and collecting scratch -n-sniff stickers

I'll be posting here more....hopefullly once a week. And then of course the shop is always open! 

Now I need to go open my new Rebecca Green Holbein gouache palette and get to work. happy painting and having the most fun as you can stand. (oh I just saw that they are out of stock. hopefully they'll get more back in very soon!)

Here's a little pac-man and pixie-dust for your day....

Next month on patreon, we are creating in our sketchbook with alcohol markers, neocolor ii's, gouache and sticking all the fun things into it. I share my complete process starting August 1st.

New stickers are also coming in about a week!

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