Thursday, April 6, 2023

Sticker Nights!!

 I made major stickering progress last night in Tangie Baxter's sticker nights party. So much fun geeking out over stickers with like minded souls. 

stickers on the upper left are from Sara and Groot

Scratch n sniff stickers are from Wacky Whiffer

stickers on left page are all from Boopsie Daisy
so smitten with her art and stickers and we've known each other (through etsy back in the day) 
since around 2008

sticker in upper left corner is from @StephanieMakesstuff

See Stephanie's darling Macaw bird, Gloria in the upper left hand corner?! I got a valentine from Gloria and I finally put her in my journal. Sticker nights is the absolute best time. It's super relaxed and chill and we use all the stickers from our sticker stash so that they get the love they deserve. The don't deserve to be hoarded and put in a drawer where you don't see them. Use them! Love them and share them!

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