Wednesday, March 13, 2024

New sketchbook zines & glitter stickers

hey there and happy Wednesday!

I hope March is treating you well! I wanted to pop in and let you know about a few exciting things! First off, after a year of not doing zines, I finally created the 9th installment and it's available here. It's a bit longer this time, coming in at 28 pages, filled with inspiration from my #peachtober prompts, Halloween, and Christmas. I hope it brings you lots of creative ideas and joy as you flip through it.

---->>>>> You can see a  quick video flip here


I also designed a new glitter sticker, Figboot! I love this sweet purple dinosaur that was launched when Baby-needs-a-name came out (from the Strawberry Shortcake line).

I also have extra Rose scented butterfly scratch n sniffs as well as die cuts from the March collection.


And last but not least, after binge watching a vintage toy documentary....  I decided to open my doll shop back up. It really sparked my love of vintage toys (even though the show is mainly Star Wars and action figure based). Tim and I have been enjoying visiting a few local toy shops who carry vintage dolls and toys.




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