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I love looking back on the year. I love looking at the colors that inspired me and how they changed, evolved. I love the feeling of "I can't believe I created that"....and also the desire in me that says..."I so badly wish to create like that again". There are highs and lows throughout the journey of a year of art-making. Most of the time, in the process, I don't know what I'm doing. 2014 was a year to embrace that space of uncomfortableness. It's a space of growing...of newness.

Devoting my life to following Christ and sharing my faith through art has brought me so much joy. I feel more me. I feel more sure. I feel more....well everything. There is a Light so bright that I can't help but share. There is a Peace veil I walk around with.....a calm truth.

May 2015 bring you Peace, Light and Joy!

I also wanted to share with you a response to this basic question:

Q. Please help me with painting faces. I don't think I'm doing it right. You ma…

My soul, is You.

I drink your your light
It shatters all fear.
My newness glitters on crystals of falling snow
I am one with you.
One with nature.

You embody this new me.
Your goodness travels on each cell.
Alive and replicating.
My bones are you.
My blood is you.

But most importantly
the part that is not seen of me, my soul, is You.

My soul, is You - original

Christmas Story

My spirit resides not in my mind.
It surpasses physical realms.
It feeds on light
glows with the hope of Christ

My life is yours
You are the greatest gift ever told
ever lived

Unique Miracle

The sky looked different tonight
the clouds a pattern and passing unique to its second in time.
Then it changed again.

I love the ongoing-every-second-of-everyday-creativity of our Creator.
The devine design of God overwhelms my soul.
Every second a new miracle exists.
Every second a new unique pattern....shape...smell....blade.....droplet.....color.....chirp

I look up to see a bat looking down at me.
He's flying a path and pattern I'm sure he's never flown before....or maybe he has.
Either way, a miracle

The air thickened with fog sets in.
The smell of morning rain seeps into the ground
Yes, I'm sure it's all new.
To see each day, each second with a newness of each passing miracle is how I hope to live.
This is my prayer, my hope.

Surely God is in this place!

inspired by scripture Genesis 28: 15-17
15 I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.” 16 Whe…

Primitive Portraits 3 giveaway winner

Mixedmedia Jenn....congrats you won a spot in my new class Primitive Portraits 3! I sent you an invitation to the classroom via the email you provided.

thank you all for helping to spread the word. Very much appreciated!!


Becoming: the unfolding of you

I'm so thankful and excited that Jeanne Oliver invited me to share my story and process of worship painting with you for Becoming: the unfolding of You.

Back last January I wrote these words:

I wish to go out on great waters. In your hands, I will not fail.
My faith takes on a newness. It's because you teach me.
You crack me open so that light enters and then grows.
I am all Yours. In your presence, I am more me.
That is where my soul dwells.
I have finally found You
and in doing so I found me.

In 2007, when I first started painting....I felt like I had found myself. I had purpose. I loved my job. I love painting so much that even still I get a flutter in my belly when I wake up in the morning. Through painting I felt myself growing closer to God. I realize now when I saw the moon over the Pacific Ocean, it was God calling me to Him. He revealed himself exactly the way I would respond. So gently. Subtle. It's because He knows me. He knew me before, now, and He goes before me and …