Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Story

My spirit resides not in my mind.
It surpasses physical realms.
It feeds on light
glows with the hope of Christ

My life is yours
You are the greatest gift ever told
ever lived


  1. wonderful words of worship Mindy! Christmas blessings!

  2. Such simple and powerful words. xox

  3. Hello! I love Christmas story.I want to say that A Christmas Story" is not a film that can be compared to Casablanca or Citizen Kane. It basically excels at its straightforward objectives, and comes together as a phenomenally amusing bit of film.
    Happy Holidays!
    Living Happy Online

    1. Hannah - I'm not sure if you read my post. This is definitely not about the movie Christmas story but about the real Christmas story that celebrates the birth and life of Jesus. (but I love A Christmas story movie too!. I try to watch it every year. My other favs are It's a wonderful life, elf, and Christmas vacation. I love movies in general). Happy new year!!


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