Photos from my family trip

Last month, I joined my aunt Joan, my dad, and my Granny on a "going back home" adventure to Doniphan, MO. I first decided to take my camera and tripod just to get a family photo....but then decided to document the whole trip.

love this pic of my Granny and my Dad. 
it was a gorgeous day, but still hot....!

The church my dad, aunt, and folks attended when they were wee kids.
my Granny's Dad's house

My Great-grandfather's homestead (barn)

Granny wanted me to "get a picture" of this old clock. in downtown Doniphan, MO

majestic tree in the cemetery 

visiting a cemetery with family here.

An old store my dad often visited

an old "swimming hole" my dad when to.

The house my Granny and Grandfather first lived in.


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