Friday, October 6, 2017

Ross's goose and Miss Cleopatra

So it seems we have a Ross's goose joining in with a group of Canadians at my next door neighbors pond. I love my neighborhood. I have seen more rare birds here than anywhere! This small goose doesn't visit arkansas often according to the Cornell Lab of Orinithology. I knew that I'd never seen anything like him so I set out with the poodles to try to get a photo.

Also, I spotted this goose a few years ago....native to Egypt. An Egyptian Goose
I have named her Cleopatra. It seems she has set up residence here this summer.
I feel for her though because her Canadian counterparts seemed to have shunned her and most of the time she is by herself or trying desperately to be with the others. The other day, she was alone and a flock of geese flew over and she called to them...yes, she sounds different and her call is more scratchy (than honky). The flock kept flying to the adjacent pond. A few minutes later, she flew out to be with that group. I felt so sad for a moment. It reminded me of loneliness and how all species has the need for companionship.

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