Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Penelope - an on demand acrylic painting workshop

I haven't offered an acrylic face painting lesson in a while and I wanted to begin exploring layers and primitive looseness in the face again. I decided to offer this workshop as an on demand lesson, meaning the content is ready to go as soon as you sign up. 
There is also two videos, one all about lips....one all about the nose as well as a downloadable PDF with a step outs visual.

  • open access meaning you receive immediate access to all content in this workshop as soon as you sign up.
  • 3 videos (Penelope start to finish broken into 4 part videos, 1 lip video, 1 nose video)
  • lip and nose focus videos (includes step-by-step downloadable PDF)
  • start to finish Penelope painting on 8x8 board
  • $25
  • lifetime access

You can also watch a teaser video below:

Happy Creating!!


  1. I just wanted to take a second to tell you how excited I am that I came across your page... via James Burke FB page...
    Several years back my mom bought me a magazine "Where Women Create", to encourage and inspire me.... I found you and your art within the pages, and became so inspired... I just LUVED your style... It spoke to my spirit....
    My creative travels has taken many different roads, and I now find myself finally being able to do a more primitive look, which I lUV.... it wasn't and isn't as easy as I thought to do "less"....
    Thank you Mindy for sharing.

    Cynthia :)

    1. yay Cynthia!! I love that you found your way back here. and definitely understand how the journey leads you in directions and how it can cycle back around. i have been there! yes, I still struggle to do less but it is something I strive for. hugs dear girl!!

    2. I am sooo thrilled to have found your sites.... I have encountered several artists "Colonies" but none of them have been Christ centered....l love that you are, ...and not "me" centered, or new age centered... or feminist centered....
      Happy Creating!

  2. I love your art. Think I’ll consider doing your little workshop.


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