Monday, April 12, 2010

for the love of mondays...........................

i remember the days of old...... when waking up on monday meant sheer misery. schlepping to the office......driving 30 minutes mind you to the "industrial" side of town. only to sit in a cubicle and face some of the most un-interesting people you've ever met. they got excited about steel. STEEL!!! the only form of enjoyment i got out of the day was taking "smoke" breaks with the smokers. (i didn't smoke, i just took the breaks.....!!)  i stared at spreadsheets all day and was frequently called by the salesmen that I "was shutting down their clients business".....uh excuse me.....i don't have the power to do that. i was simply giving flat rolled steel prices.....bleh. to even say that makes my stomach turn. well, i told them to take this job and shove it back in 2002. its been 8 years and i'm thankful everyday that i don't have to darken the door any longer.  i will have to say that i admire the fellows that loved steel. they loved their job. i was envious and to be honest i told them when i left that i needed to make this move so that I can wake up and get excited about going to work.  i left the company to go work in makeup for 6 years.

now, i look forward to my monday's. i get up, stretch and look outside and say what shall i paint today!

this weekend was a working weekend. I painted and planned till 8 pm friday. painted more on saturday.......yesterday i spent time getting ready for the NWA boutique show.
friday when i woke up, i had received an email showing me inspirations for booth setups.....i froze! i was looking at some of the most elaborate setups and booths i've ever seen. i immediately thought "what the hell have i gotten myself into"....."can i do this?"...."i'm way out of my league".........after some much needed research and planning, i feel i'm starting to get there. the show is this saturday in northwest arkansas.....about 3 hours from where i live. it shall be an experience i'm sure. photos will most certainly follow next monday ;-) (of which i'll probably take the day off!!)

in other fun, arty news.............Larkin Poe  
emailed me right after seeing me on etsy's featured seller interview and asked me to paint 4 cd covers for them. one for each season. the photo with at the top is for their "spring" cd! i simply adore their music and immediately bought their cd upon visiting their site. i new at that very moment that I wanted to work with them. our styles mesh very well i think.....

pssssttttttttt......i have other exciting news happening on may 1st......and it has to do with Somerset studio.................

get out there and love your monday !!!!!


  1. sounds like your going to be kept busy!! good luck with everything, though i'm sure you won't need it!!

    Micki x

  2. Wow! Mondays seem to agree with you :)

  3. Love that you're doing what you love!! I was just thinking this morning how glad I was that I didn't have to go to school in the pouring rain and put up with "rainy day schedule" on the first day back from spring break. Some people like a structured schedule, but not me - not you either, it sounds like. We are so lucky!! Best wishes for the upcomig show - I'm sure it will be fabulous!!!

  4. i love you Mindy!!!

    i loved hearing about your days at the office and how you have come to do what you love on a daily followed your path and it is leading you to such greatness!!!! i love watching it unfold!!!!

    your sweet little birdhouse is so stinkin cute!!!! swooooon!!!!

    and whoo hoo!!! on somerset studio!!!!!!!!!!!

    sending a big hug!

  5. I love stories like yours. Funny, you should paint on steel. My last "office" job was as a graphic designer doing CD covers so it was creative at least but still terrible for other reasons. Congrats on all the exciting stuff! Wonderful that the featured seller gig opened more doors for you!

  6. so glad you followed your heart! can't wait to hear about this weekend and your exciting Sommerset news!

  7. Mindy, girl, you've got it GOING ON!! congratulations on the upcoming boutique =-) i'm sure it wil be a smashing success!

    thanks for sharing this story about your previous work life -this and your wonderful e-mail have been so helpful in giving me some perspective on my situation and i can't wait for the day when i, too , will be JUMPING out of bed on monday mornings, bursting with creative work to do =-)

    can't wait to see what is happening in May with Somerset =-)

  8. Oh Mindy, I totally understand the Monday thing...I actually used to have the Sunday night blues...knowing that I had to go back to that grind the next day started to make me physically ill...

    Here's to going for it...full throttle, heart and soul! SO HAPPY for all your successes...good luck next weekend...missing you from Canada! xox

  9. I admit that I have been one of those looker on your blog for a while and finally got up the courage to comment.. I am so inspired by your work! I love the new painting and congrats on the cd covers !

  10. Your booth will be fantastic! Your art will look good no matter how it is arranged.

    Congrats on the CD covers! So very cool!

  11. Congrats on all your big news. Wow, a cd cover..what an honor!!:) I am wondering if your style would have been different had you not worked in the make up industry as you have such an amazing eye for color and layering.:) Love all you new spring paintings especially the bird house. xo

  12. miss mindy!!
    hooray! hooray for you!
    i am sooooo darn happy for all the wonderfulness that is swirling around you as of late.
    everything you set your hands too is golden...
    i love you dear.
    can.t wait for the photos and the news on somerset and to go listen to the SPRING cd of that lucky band!
    happy tuesday!

  13. You rock Mindy. I love this post. It totally inspired me in terms of where I'm heading at the moment.

  14. Mind you are pure magic. All of your creations are so beautiful. I just adore the painting of the two girls in the tree. They are s adorable. I wish I was able to love Mondays like you do now...but instead I head off to my cubicle.

    Missing you!!


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