Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Somerset Studios

Well, it arrived in my mailbox last week and I have been ecstatic ever since. Thank you so much Chrissy for showing so much love on your blog! You have totally captured my heart. I'm sitting here envisioning how you found it at your local shop and I can imagine the smiles, cheers, and squeals. you captured that moment for me and i am so truly grateful that you shared that with me and everyone else.

I also want to thank Gloria and we sat at our little cottage in manzanita, oregon.....we decided to paint. (you see, we had free time on our hands and Lori suggested we grab some of the paint Kelly Rae so generously let us use during the retreat and have a mini paint party) We covered the kitchen table and began to paint. That time with them was some of the most memorable and magical moments......we laughed, we had tea, and we got a little messy. As we were painting, I remember Gloria talking about Somerset and how she adored the publication and she looked at me and it you could see that light bulb reflex.....she said "oh my gosh, mindy you have to send them your stuff".....she said when you send it in even paint the outside of the box with one of your girls or birds.

And Lori said, yes the world needs to see your stuff....(which totally made me blush because i never thought of my work in this way)

 Of course, I was apprehensive and nervous about sending in my work, but i thought what the heck......and when i returned from oregon i got busy and decided to send them 4 paintings, a wristlet, and a rag doll. (news on the doll coming soon!) 

After sending it in and waiting, I got the word and they had asked me to write this article.......and Lori was so graciously willing to proof my writing and give me some very helpful pointers. thank you so much!!!
I never, ever would of even considered sending in my work but with the support and love of others, your dreams can seem more attainable. thank you gloria and lori! love you both :-)

and Chrissy!! i love you to pieces. She is speaking on contentment at a womens conference and i'm so flippin' excited for her. its coming soon in may go here to see more about Chrissy's journey through art, love, motherhood, friends, and contentment. i so wish i could be there to see the women's faces when Chrissy walks in that room and the light that she will shine on them.

if you have ever thought or are thinking about going to a retreat, whether it be art or photography or whatever your interests, do it! you will be glad. the direction my life is going now after going to two retreats and meeting the most wonderful community who i now call my closest friends, has deeply enriched my life. there are people out there like you. There are people from Canada who you wish were closer (that's you viv and danielle) who could make your heart pitter.patter over liquid candy paint colors.......(and you missy munday).......and there are people who live one state over in south texas (and you Amy!) that you know will be lifetime friends. and those that touch you deeply with a poem and you begin to open up and become inspired by your childhood all over again (my talented writer friend, Jennifer)

Yes, I have found you and i know there will be more relationships develop because of this artistic route i've chosen.....and its a true gift and blessing to have each one of you in my life.


  1. How exciting! I am so happy for you!!! Yes, the world needs to see your work!

    xo Tara

  2. LOVE IT!!!!!!

    love those sweet angels Chrissy, Gloria, Lori and Jennifer!!!

    i love how you put one of your sweet birdies on the box you sent into Somerset!
    I love that the world is seeing YOUR art!!!
    i love how i just knew when i met you and saw your amazing work that you were going to fly SO high!!!!
    i love watching it unfold for you!!

    i love you dearly!

  3. mindy,mindy,mindy! i am bursting with your awesomeness. my mailbox magically manifested the new somerset and i skipped (well skipping might be a stretch but certainly a skip-like movement) and cried with tears of happiness all the way back to my house. oh my gosh. love your "stuff" and i am so very grateful also to the misses gloria and lori who put the bug in your ear. and what a glorious blog from chrissy. and oh my soul, you girl! good on you.

  4. That must be such a buzz!!! I am really pleased for you.

  5. Oh dear Mindy ~ I have the happiest of tears in my eyes right now. Your work is stunning. And your soul is beautiful. I cannot wait till that issue comes to my bookstore so I can have my very own copy to soak in.

    I am so proud of you. So extremely proud. I love watching you fly. Look at you soaring. You are such an inspiration.

    I love that you painted one of your birds on the outside of the box. What a wonderful idea. That gloria is a wise soul.

    those unearth beauties are such angels.

    I love you Mindy!!

  6. Oh my! I am so excited! I can't wait to get my hands on that issue. You have a beautiful gift that is so unique, I can't wait to see what else comes from your talent!


  7. Congrats! I found you via Chrissy's blog and am so glad I did. It is so sweet to see the genuine support and love between creative friends. Your work is wonderful - no wonder it was featured - and I look forward to coming back often!

  8. This is just one big wonderful party and just one mile-stone in a long line of birthing days for your art! I love my print from you that says: Spread Your Wings!. I think when you wrote those words you sent them out to the universe and we're all hearing the echos of it now!

  9. you are so right about the retreat changing our lives. indeed it did! i am so happy for you and all the wonderful opportunities coming your deserve them all!
    Love and hugs from TX

  10. Tears of JOY all the way from CANADA! I am SO flippin happy for you Ms. Mindy, I just wish we could celebrate these wonderful milestones together...Sending you hugs and LOVE and so much continued success!

    Danielle xoxox

  11. wonderful! I will have to look for that Somerset, congrats!

  12. That afternoon was one of the best parts of the retreat for me, too! And I am honored that I was able to be a tiny itsy bitsy eeny weeny piece of what you do!

    I love you and I love being along for the ride of seeing your Biggification and folks getting to enjoy your art. WOOHOO!

  13. Wonderful! your birdies :)

  14. soooo proud of you mindy!

    i haven't gotten my hands on this issue of somerset yet, but i'm searching this town for it!

    can't wait to see what other amazing things you do!!!

    and i so very much wish we lived closer too.

  15. Mindy,Mindy..I am so elated that you will be spreading more of your magical art into the hearts of many across the world. When I look at your helps me see the world from a new perspective that I have never seen..your truly, wonderfull ,unique perspective. I feel so blessed to see you sprout your are SO DESERVING of this!! Thanks for being so open about sharing your life on your blog. I know that you have helped me and how many more others. Thank you for sharing your encouragement and wisdom when I really needed it and for taking the time to visit my blog. You are truely a "little gem". xxoo
    PS...I still haven't been able to find the mag yet. I know our Michaels will get it in eventually but I hate waiting and waiting!!:)

  16. This is so wonderful...and thrilling!!!
    Congratulations. :)


  17. Oh my goodness!!! I had already read about it on Chrissy's blog, but to hear you tell the WHOLE story just has me in tears. I mean it's been over 6 months now and to see these connections and how they are affecting all of our lives....I seriously wouldn't have believed it if you had told me last year that this would all happen.

    AMAZING - I am SOOOO happy for you, Miss Mindy!!!!

  18. Oh my gosh, I knew better than to attempt to read this and view the scans without a big box of tissue nearby! Shoot, Mindy, you not only rule the world of the paintbrush, you reign over the world of words, as well!

    My heart soars & melts that all this good stuff is happening, babe! It's been heaven on earth to watch you chase (& catch) your dreams & you inspire thousands of others to do the same on a daily basis!

    When I finally get my copy I'm going to totally SPAZZ! Oh hun, the English language seems so lacking at times like this when you want to express so much but words just fall completely short.

    I've never known another living soul to be so committed to her vision & devoted to her ambitions. It's such an exhilarating feeling to watch you soar to fame like this, hunny!

    I love you so darn tootin' much & I'm so puffy chested with pride that I'm lucky enough to be your friend!

    Blinking back tears here, hunny!

    Congratulations on getting the recognition you so deserve!!!!!!!!


  19. this looks just so beautiful! i cannot wait to pick up the issue. congratulations! i've got shivers all over :)

    have a wonderful weekend!

  20. Congratulations my Dear!! How awesome. I have ordered a copy of the magazine and can't wait for it to arrive! I wish you all the best.

  21. Everything you say is so true Mindy. Community lifts you up and gives you wings.

    I am so excited for you, and so proud. Your work is awesome and I can't wait to watch your journey evolve. I also can't wait to check out the issue. Chrissy is sending me a copy.

    Hugs to you sista friend.

  22. tears.
    i have to wipe the tears.
    geeeez mindy!
    you always seem to make me cry!
    and laugh too!
    look at who you are?
    it is soooooo wonderful and fun and i, like marilyn, wanted to SKIP SKIP SKIP right out of that store and tell everyone along my way to go get their copy.
    that they TOO can be inspired and energized by your story.
    i wanted to reach out and HUG YOU TIGHT as you spoke of dear friends and soul sisters that are placed in your path, especially as you embark on retreats with like minded women.
    some of my dearest friends...(you included!!!) have been the blessings of the same two retreats!
    i am over the moon excited at following your journey and the journey of our sisters as well.
    it binds my heart to yours and theirs!
    keep soaring dear mindy.
    i love you!


  23. very exciting.
    i lover that magazine! :)

    i'm enrolled in kelly rae roberts online class, too--- see you there!

  24. I saw your article in Somerset Studio and instantly became a fan. Love your colors, faces, fun and uplifting!! Absolutely gorgeous and inspiring :)

  25. You must be so PROUD! You've worked so hard to get to this point & it's just the beginning! It was so exciting reading comments from others too...other artists that you admire..and everyone else raising you up. i'm just imagining all these women's hands holding you up on their shoulders to bask in the sunshine! Retreats really do open doors...but they were there all along.

  26. oh your artwork on the cover looks so great and colorful. I bet they sell a bunch of copies!


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