Friday, June 4, 2010

the book

i have been working on some things for my book this week. i can't really believe i'm saying that!! its going to be a children's book but readability for adults or young adults 10 and older. i found it very difficult to have simple words with a deep meaning. this book is based on a bunny we used to have.....we called him rare-bit....weird and a little funny, i know! that was what my step-dad called him. one day he went missing and we found out that he had went through a little door underneath our house. so its definitely, semi-based on a true story. my little story embellishes his adventures and what he learns about himself through them.

I have decided to publish the book myself through Lulu. i haven't the foggiest of how to contact publishers and even which ones to approach. i want to do this so badly that i can't handle rejection right now. maybe later on, i'll approach someone or publisher but for now, i want the experience and joy of this first book to be on my own time and terms.....

here is an excerpt:
"it was much cooler inside the little door and very damp. as he scanned the dark floor he saw a tiny light off in the distance. he lifted up to his hind feet with the help of his full, fluffy tail for balance and he writhed his little front feet in eager anticipation. his nose twitched, and he set off towards the light."

i am at a loss for a title. i don't know if i want to call the bunny rarebit or hinkle.....
i definitely have some kinks to work out but the writing is 99% the editing....and even more fun part, painting.

I wanted to share with you some of the painted backgrounds for the book. they were fun and spontaneous and FAST....i enjoyed that part a bit....working quickly and haphazardly.....

have a great weekend everyone! i will share bits and pieces of this project along the way.


  1. YAY! Lulu is a great resource for self-publishing! I plan on using it or Blurb, where there's an option for making a "Blog Book" which you can can find here:

    yes, i hope to create my own book in the future with craft projects =-)

    i love the book pages you have created and look forward to more peeks at the book in progress...and don't worry - the title will reveal itself in time!

  2. wow, you are so my hero... I love the name Rarebit, but I am also fond of Hinkle too, so I see your dilemma.

    Thanks for the link to lulu, I will check it out as I am thinking along the children's book lines... one of my wildest dreams.

  3. Hi Mindy!
    Oh wow, this sounds so exciting and I can hardly wait to see the outcome, love your work. Illustrating a childrens book is one of my biggest dreams and using Lulu sounds like such a great way of approaching it.
    And just by reading the excerpt I can tell its gonna be good!
    Looking forward to seeing the progress :-)

  4. Love it MIndy. I just love it. I love that you are branching out, following your dreams and that you have the courage to do it on your own! Way to go girl. Can't wait to read the book to my little ones.
    Hope all is well! xoxo

  5. Hi Mindy,

    That is so exciting!!! looking forward to more sneak peaks!

    Ive never used Lulu but I have used to publish my art book and it was amazing! color quality and paper weight is spot on!

    I also used them to make a whole bunch of photo books and couldn't be happier ♥

  6. Wow! How cool are you!

    I love what you say about the book and it's production being on your own terms. I am sure that if I was ever brave enough to try this big adventure of yours, I would feel the same too.

  7. thank you serena and monica....i am now considering blurb. it looks really user friendly. thanks so much for your suggestions....i am so ya'll...

  8. congrat! on the book cant wait to see the finished product!

  9. these pages are so sweet for a childrens book! i can wait to see the bunny on them. you know i have a soft spot for your bunny characters. i vote for Hinkle (lots of character in that name) but rare-bit is also very sweet. cant wait to hear more about the process. childrens book making has been a silent buried secret desire of mine. It's so inspiring to watch you stretch yourself to grab that dream. GO mindy GO!

  10. should do it...

  11. Mindy, your book is definitely going to be one that I add to our "grands" collection, although the youngest is already close to 11. No matter, it's going to be well received, I already know. LOVE the concept, LOVE your painted backgrounds, and since I LOVE your art, I can hardly wait! YAY FOR YOU, going for it. :-) Davi (from An Artful Journey 2010)

  12. congrats! This is so exciting......

    You know a way to capture the attention of publishers is to have your work in magazines and then to respond to requests for submission for books by other artists. That's how i managed to get my own book deal. I was in magazines and then in a few other artists books - by that time the editors knew me and i could pitch a book idea. That was my path anyways.

    Love, Violette

  13. Oooooo - this is so inspiring! It has my mind going in a bunch of new directions. I am typing my Mom's autobiography so I will need some publishing options. But what else might I want to publish?? Very, very interesting - so cool that you are following through with this. We're out here cheering you on!! Thanks for your sweet commnets on FB!!

  14. Mindy this is so cool. And 'Hinkle' is just adorable! If you go with rare-bit, maybe Hinkle can be a friend?
    Can't wait to see the finished book. How cool is it to say 'my book'?? Go girl!

  15. The backgrounds look fantastic. Can't wait to see the project evolve and be realised. I love the names too.

  16. Just wanted to pop over and say hi from flying lessons... and wow!! A book of your very own, that is so inspiring Mindy! So lovely to meet you. I love the pages - they'll be gorgeous backgrounds. Can't wait to follow the developments! :)

  17. i LOVE those backgrounds! and i love both the bunny names. touch choice! i'm taking kelly rae's ecourse as well and have been overwhelmed with great info. hope you are well!

  18. I am sure the title will come to you - love the backgrounds. Love your art too - I saw it in Somerset Studios as I was making the rounds of those signed up with Kelly Rae's class and there you were. I will be following.

  19. one of my goals is to write a kids book ! so cool you're going for it :) love the backgrounds!

  20. mindy...i am a HUGE lover of children.s books.
    thanks to my mom...
    especially children.s books for adults...even better.
    i have NO DOUBT that your book is going to be amazing and full of wonder...
    i can.t wait for my signed copy.
    i love you dear friend.


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