Friday, June 11, 2010


So I have been totally immersed in Kelly Rae's flying lessons e-course.....gobbling up every juicy tidbit. The first thing she said was to get the journal out and begin stating fears, goals, etc. I did just that and when i opened it up, i saw a poem i wrote several months back. i think it was written around february right after i returned from An Artful Journey. at that moment i had looked out my window at our large post oak tree ....bare from the harsh winter and noticed a limb. something special, vulnerable, and unsuspecting.....

I immediately saw the support structure in my life and i dedicate this poem to my unearth and artful journey sisters.

I would like to preface this by saying that right after i wrote this poem and read it back, i wasn't very pleased. but after letting it sit and almost forgetting about it.....i read it with new eyes, without being as judgemental. i was fearful about posting this but feel its time to face that fear and persist.


A limb dangles from a branch
She is blowing in the wind
unaware that she is not one with the tree

the other branches are there
supporting her
holding tight

a bird alights, and leaves again
once holding birds of her own,
the limb longs for the connection

her weary bark wears down
yet they hold onto her
buds appear

she realizes she is different
then leaves grow
and they continue to nurture her

they dig down
rooted from the trunk
and the soil beneath

the fragrance of sunshine warms the air
the tree breathes it in 
and once more they lift her up

photo by Rachael
check out her blog

I found Rachael by going to etsy's shop locator and typed in Little Rock. She makes these adorable hats, headbands, and legwarmers. We are already making plans for visiting exhibits and other fun arty things. I challenge you to reach out to an artist near you...
I'm hoping to build a local community of arty friends in hopes to capture some of the magic that happened at the amazing art retreats.


  1. awesome, mindy. the poem, the post, the dedication, and the reaching out you do. awesome, mindy! you are.

  2. Beautiful poem! I am hyperventilating right now because I just stepped on the scale and weigh 8 pounds more then I thought I did. My big fear is the scale, or avoiding or the other or both. I am from Arkansas, and I am going to be in Little Rock area for 2 weeks starting July 4th...maybe we can all meet up? Hope the weekend is a good one, and thanks for being brave with your tenderness. It helped me out a lot today.

  3. Mindy - it's just beautiful! I could visualize each line as I read it. I'm so happy to be a little part of your tree!!
    Big XOXOX!

  4. This is just beautiful, Mindy! I love watching you explore so many different facets of your art -- writing, illustration, poetry, painting... it just goes on and on.

    I am so very very glad to be your friend and be inspired by all your new-ness.

    Love and hugs.

  5. Such a gorgeous poem. You are going to write an amazing children's book with your beautiful words.

    I feel just the same way. I want community offline as well as online. Both sustain me.

  6. Aw! What a beautiful poem! I love it!!

  7. I love it Mindy...Its so yummi and I felt it...beautiful...

  8. I love that you were so brave to share this poem. It is a beautiful poem. Filled with so much. You are such an inspiration dear Mindy.

    I may have to look up local artist in my area as well. I too would like to cultivate that where I live. Thanks for the idea and the inspiration.

  9. Lovely poem and post. I also enjoyed the video of you painting. I have been wanting to do some videos, spread my wings. I am truly inspired by your style and use of color~
    Have a creative week, Theresa

  10. Sweet Mindy, thank-you for sharing your words and your heart... You are brave and have so much LOVE inside of you. SO glad to be watching you unfold.


  11. Hi Mindy, lovely poem, thank you so much for sharing it and yes its good to let things sit and then revisit, so glad you did. Im craving more local art community too. Lets all go get it and write about it!:-) lots of love xxxx

  12. beautiful! i felt the same way. thank you for putting words to the feeling

  13. I'm a fellow flyer thoroughly enjoying learning how to fly. I'm struggling a bit with my blog and finding my voice. I love your voice. It is so easy to read and connect with. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. I'm over here via Kelly's Class....I LOVE your work!!!


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