Wednesday, August 24, 2011

holding close

In 2009, i found my tribe. the people who i connect with. the folks that i've felt i've known forever even after just meeting them. from that point forward i started to know and feel what a real friendship is even though we live hundreds or even thousands of miles apart. you know who you are. what a remarkable transition in my life. these women. they are there for me.

funny thing, since that fall and the couple years since.... the meaning of true friendship as really put in perspective those relationships that i've held onto and who i thought were friends. i believe we go through transitions and people move in and out of your life. but i've got to say i know exactly who is in my corner now. and i'm blessed to know you!

Bluebird, you know my deepest dreams.........

 photo by - Kate Daniel

 photo credit - carissa paige

 photo - Lisa Parks

 photo credit - Jinny

photo credit - Jennifer Belthoff

 photo credit - Donna Wynn   
(my girl Kolleen told me her fav ryan bingham song is bluebird and if you listen to the lyrics what a beautiful message it holds)    my blue bird can fly as far as I can seeMy bluebird has everything I need
my bluebird knows my deepest desires,my bluebird will catch me just before the fire.
 my bluebird wing can fly above it all,
My bluebird will help me stand and be strong,
my bluebird will never beg upon a knee,
my bluebird knows I need to believe
  You are all my bluebirds, my sweet friends. and i hold you so close to my heart!


  1. oh girlie....i was sitting here feeling rather left behind
    and not getting where i want to be fast enough and then i see this.

    a little gift plopped right into my "woo is me" lap.

    the best medicine evah!

    my stomach does flip flops everytime i remind myself that october is just around the corner.

    thank you for the reminder that each of you are the blessings that i call home.

  2. this made me cry....with goosebumps up and down my arms.

    i love you sweet sister of mine ...holding you close always!!!


  3. This brought tears to my eyes and the photos brought me those those moments.

    I can relate so closely with what you say about friendship. I have let go some of my friendships that are close in proximity to me because after encountering true friendships I see that what I had around me was bringing me down.

    It is a blessing for me to walk this path with you. To be on this journey along side of you.

    I love you!

  4. I was just wondering if you really know how much you sparkle? How your face and heart shine with love? How your sweet voice makes people smile? You have so many wonderful women in your life cause girl, your love flows deep from your heart and touches so many! Your life and your art proves it! Just can not wait to see all that is before you on your journey.

  5. Oh my!!! What if I would have missed this!! I too, have tears! What a beautiful circle you have gathered lovingly around creative wonderful YOU!!! It's easy to adore you! Xoxo!

  6. i'm all teary too. this is just what i needed to see, right this very moment, like magic.

    i needed this reminder of whats most important in this precious life. it's love. it's friendship. it's the know-how to drown out all the rest.

    blessings & raindrops!

  7. oh look at this life that you have created for yourself! you are well loved...and I just know that there are friends you have yet to meet still that already love you. :) Love the "new" blog.

  8. wing flap flap
    tweet sing song
    soar swoosh
    w i n d w i l d
    bluebird love.

  9. I feel so blessed to be included in your group of friends! I just popped in to see what was up and got this wonderful gift. You made my day!! You know I love you!

  10. What a beautiful post Mindy! Having good friends is a must whatever journey we are taking =-)

  11. Dear Mindy, what a lovely lovely post and photos. Love the lyrics to bluebird. So so wonderful. xx

  12. Your heart and spirit are so full of love and joy and kindness that it is no wonder you have found a tribe full of people that love and adore you!

    Loving you too!

  13. i look tired in those photos. i think i need a vacation. Love you Mindy and love seeing you soar.


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