Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm back!

goodbye squarespace. i'm sorry, i've missed blogger too darn much. I will update the site with workshop links very stay tuned!


  1. i have totally been pondering the same thing. i'm gonna follow you back to blogger pretty soon- squarespace is lovely, but now blogger does a lot of the same things that i moved to squarespace for. plus blogger is FREEEEEEEE!

    so excited about all the cool things going on in your "Art" life. God bless you richly, dear!

  2. Glad you are blogging here again...I came upon you a month or so ago and am inspired by your art!! If you get time, stop over to my spot and give me your artist opinion of my creations (I'm new to being an "artist" and having a ball mastering my skills)


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