Monday, February 20, 2012

Doodles Unleashed!!

doodles unleashed online book tour

 I'm so excited to announce that my friend Traci Bautista has just had a new book launched!!! Its called "Doodles Unleashed" and I'll tell you that when I received this on my doorstep.....I just gobbled it up and could NOT put it down. You will go crazy with all the eye candy and crazy fun prompts, tips, and inspiration!! Bravo Traci girl......

You can find her book here on Amazon but why not head over to Traci's etsy shop and get a signed copy!!

 doodles unleashed by traci bautista

I had the opportunity to meet Traci last summer in Arizona at the Art Unraveled retreat where Traci, Danielle, and I ventured out in the 113 degree temps to thrift shop. Oh the fun! We also happened across a cute, cute candy shop.

Head over to the book tour page to see more of all the goodness about this book....

Here are some amazing vintage fabric inspirations that Traci shares with us:

 plaid...plaid..plaid all over

 hawaiian muumuu vintage dress

"In my new book Doodles Unleashed, I share many of my inspirations for creating doodles in my mixed media paintings include vintage fabric. The hunt for inspiration is an important part of my art making process.  I am continually inspired by the colors, patterns and textures from vintage fabric and clothing.  I often go to thrift, vintage and antique stores not only to shop but for inspiration, taking photos of the things that call out to me creatively. I use these photos to inspire my drawings and color palettes in my artwork.  Have fun exploring and looking with different eyes when you shop!"

photo no. 1 -love the detail on this 
vintage dress

Creative jumpstarts:
  • Grab your camera and head to your favorite thrift store and take snapshots of the colorful fabrics and items that you like.
  • Look at your photos and paint your page with the colors in the photos or doodle the patterns on your art journal page, let the photos inspire your mark-making.
  • draw a pattern from one photo, then take another photo and draw another pattern on the same page
  • doodle the pattern with watercolor and brush instead of a pen
  • look for vintage patterns google, fashion blogs & magazines
  • create a swatch book of vintage patterns
  • explore your favorite fashion designer collections for patterns


  1. neat.. I have been doing her Doodles Unleashed class on the Strathmore website..but not for the last two weeks since I had shows to deal I can play catch up...lots of fun.

  2. Mindy,
    Thanks so much for hosting Traci with her new book, Doodles Unleashed. I find her work so inspiring and fun. Traci,
    I just love the colorful world of your artistic inspiration and the fun doodling aspect of your new book.
    The photos of your vintage fabrics are so colorful and eye popping.
    I also have a love of fabrics and find shopping at stores that carry bright colors and patterns inspiring for me as an artist. I am a huge fan of watercolor and art journaling. I find it inspiring and enlightening.

    I have chosen this post, Doodles Unleashed, for the #JournalChat Pick of the Day for all things journaling on Twitter.
    I will post a link on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, my blog and website Refresh with Dawn Herring, and in Refresh Journal, my weekly e-journal:

    You are both welcome to join us for #JournalChat Live for all things journaling on Thursdays at 5 EST/2 PST on Twitter; this week's topic is Your Journaling: The Ten Minute Message. We do discuss art journaling during our chats as well.

    Thanks again for sharing your colorful inspiration and your fun doodling book, Doodles Unleashed, with us. :)

    Be refreshed,
    Dawn Herring
    JournalWriter Freelance
    Host of #JournalChat Live and Links Edition on Twitter

  3. I just found your blog. Have seen your stuffed dolls in Art Doll Quarterly and LOVED them. There's something that is just so adoringly dysfunctional about them, they just attach to your heart. So I came to find you and here you are, then to realize we are both published in the same issue of Sew Somerset ;)
    And now I find out that you are an Arky too. I'm way up in the NW corner of AR. Anyway, just wanted to say hello! Hugs!

  4. I am so interested in doing this! I never thought of it before. I can't wait to read Traci's book. As the tour continues I am becoming more and more in love. Thank you!

  5. I've been wanting to get my hands on that book! and I've never though of using retro/vintage fabric as cool...


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