Monday, May 21, 2012

Still dwells here


still dwells here
That little girl still dwells here.....
just in a different body.
she is not someone else.
she is me. 

She sees beauty among the chaos.
She can go anywhere with a red and yellow banana seat bike.
Cupcakes with little plastic clowns,
they brighten her icing 
sitting with Granny watching afternoon cartoons
to the hum of a box fan.

Saving my allowance for a monchhichi at the Super 8.
the red, white, and blue rocket popsicle.
pac-man and the frenzy of the arcade.
strawberry shortcake and all her divine smelling friends.

monopoly marathon for days. summers inside
swimming at the pool all day.
popping water balloons on uncle John's car
from the roof....then running to the living room
as if nothing happened.

sitting on the kitchen floor
rolling pennies during the hard times.
dancing to Michael Jackson on my walk-man.
taking care of my little sister.....
the sweet girl with big brown eyes and Shirley Temple curls.
yes, she dwells here still



  1. .....hmmmmmmmm L O V E!!!


  2. <3 And I hope she never leaves!!

  3. LOVE where your memories took you and so glad she is still just around the corner of your heart...xxoo

  4. love this! could totally relate. i especially recall sitting with my grandma to the whirr of her box fan.

  5. This is such beautiful writing! You are so talented in so many ways

  6. www.debbiecrews.blogspot.comMay 24, 2012 at 5:22 PM

    I just love your stuff. I'm always inspired by your creativity.

  7. I'm new at leaving comments so I don't know if my prior comment was correct. your have a gift

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