Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Magic voice

I have something to say.
Knowing that something special is on the horizon
yet not knowing what form it will take is baffling.
I keep thinking.
A magical place where flowers talk and turtles dance.
I feel it evolving yet though only soul work will I coax it to the surface.
Teetering on darkness yet sugar-coated.

Faltering may be my savior of anything that is creative
Isn't that where Magic lives.
Fairies lighting on your shoulder
dive into the subconscious mind.
dream-state is where I frolic with mistakes and imperfections

this place is the secret where innovation and imagination PLAY
to test the impossible till it becomes possible.
everything begins as a thought and only through being brave,
to accept we may fail is powerful

to face the fear, we can accept it with weary eyes.....
exhaustion, head aching.
yet we move forward anyway.

what gifts will unfold from failed attempts

to hold something once flawed, once broken
it becomes a chalise of knowledge

to be able to go there again
we revel in the dark and know light will soon emerge.
From the depths, our soul is awakened and

Darkness is temporary and also necessary.

dedicated to my soul sister, Carissa Paige

create that magic voice 
so uniquely you
no comparisons necessary
then speak loudly
from that place


  1. Just beautiful and so moving. Yes, darkness is temporary and also necessary. I know that to be true! So love your art and poetry!!

  2. I am literally
    Teary eyed
    Sipping in
    Of FRESH
    & these words.
    These words!!!
    Wild magic soul stir!!
    Conjured from THE DEEP!!
    Wide & True
    Oh how I adore this REAL MAGIC!!!

  3. It is utterly, utterly a beautiful piece and the poem hit me right, smack in the middle of my heart!!!!

  4. Lovely. Somber. Hopeful. Delight. Lovely.

  5. Great palette of blue with a touch of pink!


  6. Wow, sometimes I forget that true balance covers the gamut from dark to light, from despair to happiness.

  7. Your words and art are so lovely and wise. Thanks for sharing your "magic voice" and heart.

  8. Oh, my goodness. I know that beginning place. It is indeed baffling.

    I love you and your light.


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