Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nurture your Creative Seed

Hello good people.....

I wanted to give you an update on some of the workshop goodness that is coming up in the next several months. Today I'm featuring Nurture Your Creative Seed, hosted by my scarf sister Serena Berry.
Here is Serena.....a photo I took in Sedona last year.

The retreat is nestled in a beautiful location in the Pacific NW at Harmony Hill Retreat Center....
go ahead, check out their stunning photos.

I will be teaching alongside the talented Jeanne Oliver
"wake up to the life you are meant for"

In 2009, I attended my first art retreat.....and my life has never been the same. At this retreat is where I met Serena. We laughed....we walked on the beach....we drank wine late into the those few days we were forever connected. I hope you will join us. Serena will foster a light in your soul...... You will meet kindred spirits that "get" you...... You will create with magical energy that you didn't realize you possess.

The dates are Feb 28- March 3rd, 2013.
Click HERE to register!

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