Saturday, June 30, 2012


On this hot morning, with the AC blasting and the fan whirling.....i snuggle up in my red quilt to read Alena Hennessey's book again -  Cultivating Your Creative Life .

Alena really speaks to me. She reminds the reader to slow down and by doing so you'll coax the magic spark that lies deep in each and every one of us. I'll admit, the struggle for me to slow down has been something I've struggled with. From now on, when I have those times of struggle.....i will pick up this book. Peruse the beautiful art. Take part in the tips and prompts. and let go. Right now, this is my favorite art book. Thank you Alena for inspiring me. thank you for giving so much of YOU that is so magical and so uniquely you.

One of the prompts she gives is "weeding". I began this process of writing and it turned into something else. (i think that's the magic of being still) It begins to evolve and take you places.

Fresh in my mind, was a conversation with my friend, Carissa Paige yesterday......we had some good moments. We let go of the fear of feeling guilty for not "doing it all"...and those comparison issues. it felt so good. I think we did some weeding yesterday.
 "i have big plans for you, my dear!!"

I wanted to share what grew out of Alena's prompts:

My voice is here. 
It is in full bloom.
well maybe only at the bud stage.

Why do we let ourselves feel guilty?
only giving of ourselves fully
fostering creation and growing
even through dim light.

we are a seedling, searching....
stretching toward the tiny speck of light.
we lean towards the shining spark
in hopes that one day the light will grow....
to bathe fully in its warmth.

only then, are we able to fully extend 
giving more. 

The day will come when morning brings her sunlight
heavy on the horizon. 
the Earth sings.

We bow in reverence
and accept the full presence of nurturing sustenance 
We reach higher.
the serenade begins anew.


  1. putting this in my cart right now!

  2. Hmmm....looks like one I need. I just got the other one you recommend so will have to wait a bit!

  3. I couldn't resist, my local BN has it in stock so I'm gonna pick it up this afternoon. Looks like a great book for keeping the creative fires burning even after hours, when it's time to just let go of things for awhile and think about what matters and to slow down a little bit. Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. O.m.g we are in the same struglle...and I have made a post on my blog about it too. The universe is amazing :)

  5. I have been wanting to purchase this book for awhile and it is such a hard thing to do to just surrender to being still at times.

  6. how did i not see this poem before? it must be because i am not always still when blog hopping and i maybe sped-read this post originally. i read it again and it resonates with me and my experience so fully right now. that book is also on my wishlist. i'm currently reading about six and writing one so to buy another book would feel almost like a betrayal to my other priorities. thank you for sharing, bright star!


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