Monday, September 17, 2012


it was a place for wishes to be set free

to arrive at this very moment

for convening on the dock

for pointing your toes to the sky

and hugging the ones you love

for nestling down by the cabin fireplace

 and for creating friendships you know will last a lifetime

the dock
my feet wet
making prints that only my own bare toes could imprint
a mark not consistent with their shape
slowly fading
its memory only known by the wood
holding it there in the grain

while others visit,
our marks meet
creating unity
rippling out into the life of the wood

sounds are the same
air and water trade moments
falling and ascending
creating new sources
a conduit of creativity and motion

we are here to witness the sparks of light
as they convene and embark on their own journey
mark making footprints and meeting
where the wood held us up

joining and connecting
those who....
may have never met
if not for the dock.


  1. I am soooo bummed! I live in NH and did your mail art swap (and did I mention I am a HUGE fan?). I was hoping to make it to squam for the sale - but had kid commitments and couldn't make it. I would have loved to have met you in person....maybe next year? ox, Mary Ann

  2. oh mindy, mindy, mindy. you continue to blow me away! being together again with you was so wonderful! Thank you for posting this here....I have been thinking about it ever since I read it...and am printing it out now so I can carry it with me. I love you and am so blessed to have you in my life.

  3. Oh Mindy ~ thank you for your photos and your words and your poetry, oh my! I am so grateful that we were able to spend some time together and being in class with you was great...your energy is awesome! Much love...Melissa

  4. here's to wishes coming true...i can't tell you how much i loved sitting in your light, mindy. you have such a beautiful open and deeply kind quality that makes another feel utterly embraced and held. and your smile is like pure sunshine. big hugs to you! someday...again...soon...xoxo

  5. my goodness... looks so warm and wonderful! makes me long for my next art retreat :) xoxo

  6. if not for the dock...i am nodding my head.
    beautiful words, mindy...all of them.

  7. So thrilled to have met in person. I value the moments we shared. And I still owe you a glass of wine :) xoxo

  8. beautiful words Mindy. One of these days, I'm going to get to squam. xoxo

  9. <3, that is all i can muster, but there is much love in this little heart.

  10. It was lovely to meet you at Squam Mindy! Thank you for sharing your words and images here, with us.

    Warm wishes,
    Stephanie : )

  11. so so so happy you were there and that we got some time together. love who you you! can't wait for february!


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