Monday, September 24, 2012


kelly, me, and jennifer at kelly's table at the Squam art fair

I wrote these words on the last full day of Squam...on the dock....after yoga.....

The moon and stars cradle us to sleep
crackling fire. scarves. trail. rocking chair
a lingering embrace
a loon's call unexpected in the middle of the day. 
two of them.
they call out to one another. 
a song only for each other.

Reaching out. 
Listening with hands on chin.
so deep. realizing that someone gets you.
in their eyes you see your own vulnerable self
you were waiting for a knowing you couldn't imagine possible
Here it is before me.
I share this time with you 
and it fills up my soul
until I feel it well up to my throat
I tell you I love you
and I've only just met you.

thank you Jennifer and Kelly. You inspire me to write. You inspire me to laugh and play. and to remember to be myself no matter what. you make it so easy to tell you I love you....


  1. mmmmm .... your words are pure raw magic.

    i love you.
    (and kelly and jennifer too!!)


  2. so lovely to see you all together. looks like an amazing experience :)


  3. i love you both so! and you too kolleen.
    i just wrote a story of connection too!
    it will be up on wednesday. so funny
    how we all seem to be on the same
    train. i just love that!

    and juliet it was so good. hope to one day get to sit with you to paint too.

  4. Loved seeing my favorite girls all together . . . my heart skipped a beat!

  5. beautiful post Mindy...and beautiful souls, you all are!

  6. Awe, it's beautiful! And I bet they enjoyed spending time with you as much as you did with them.
    Thant's actually why I'm writing too - to let you know that I bragged about you on my blog (regarding Portland Art and Soul) and that I absolutely adored meeting you! You are a light of inspiration and love and I'm grateful to have been able to take your class.
    Thank you!!!!
    Kristin xo

  7. How wonderful! I love the vibe and hope to go some day! ATB
    You all look so happy :D


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