Friday, November 22, 2013

Her Totem, Her Story

I'm so excited and honored to be featured on my bestie's Danielle Daniel's blog today!!

Check it out over here!

This series goes hand and hand with her new book, "Sometimes I feel Like a Fox". It is available in french and english and is available in her etsy shop.

I'm so gracious that she asked me to do this interview and feel blessed to have her and the other artists in my life. Here is a list of the other featured artists so far:

Carissa Paige
Stephanie Lee
Juliette Crane
Micki Wilde

Go ahead and check out all the awesomeness from each. They have so much to offer right now....from jewelry, online classes, primitive artwork, and so much more.

This circle of sharing and telling stories with each kindred spirit has been such a blessing. What an amazing group Danielle has curated.

thank you so much Dan for your friendship, love, support, and creating from such a wonderful place. You are LOVED!

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