Friday, February 21, 2014

Disney Journal Pages!

I'm back with another update from Disney. I wanted to share with you all the journal pages I created while we were there. It truly was a beautiful balance between experiencing the parks, savoring all the cherished moments with fellow creatives, and diving into your journal. I just had to show off the journals a bit too. The first picture is of the cover. Tangie's husband Dave created these beauties for each of the participants. By the way, if you really LOVE these journals…(I know I do) then you can get your very own HERE.

First photo is credited to Kathryn

inspired by Mickey's Magical Map
Disneyland map…..I taught a short class on how to create these lovely watercolor maps.
I drew this in the animation academy. I don't follow directions too well and drew her alongside steamboat Mickey….(below)

journaled this after we rode Haunted Mansion.
I am a bit obsessed with the bride with the hatchet. "till death do us part"…. :-)

another animation academy Alice which I colored with the peerless afterward.
another Alice….obsessed much?!?…lol

a neat page where I was cleaning off my brush….

Journaled after riding Pirates with my new friend Cindy.



inspired by Kathy Yurek's flowers and 
Mickey's Magical map show

portrait of a darling girl I spotted walking around Fantasyland
by herself. She had a gorgeous fair complexion, a dark bob haircut with blue
streaks, and a bold red lipstick. I even saw her the next day as well. 
I'm calling her a contemporary Snow White.

Bride from Haunted Mansion.

peerless watercolor palette - sheet 1

palette - sheet 2

ps. After this retreat I am feeling a some sort of shift happening within me. I'm not sure I can define it at this moment. But regardless, it's there. I have decided to remove myself for the time being on Facebook. I'm not sure how long my absence will be. 
This shift and the answers can only be found in stillness….in the quiet moments in the sun on my porch…..being with my poodles….and walks in nature, listening to the vast number of species of birds that our Creator put on the earth.
Being still. Being in my breathe. Being quiet. Being with my Lord. For there lie all the answers.


  1. I'm glad you don't follow directions. Most of my art instruction throughout my youth was to follow the instructions, but it was so refreshing to see you work and just let yourself go it really inspired me thanks Mindy!!!!!

  2. i will have an email for you tomorrow and just love the shift and the changes and how you listen to your spirit and set such a gentle example <3

  3. Mindy, you are making a wise decision. I love your work and words.

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