Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Disney Retreat

I am back and rested from the Disney Retreat.  I am so blessed and thankful that Tangie asked me to be a part of this amazing retreat. We had a great group of ladies, as well as my husband Tim and Tangie's husband Dave. The first day we met for Mexican food and chatted and really just got to know each other. Also, Tangie organized for us to meet later that evening at Californa Adventure lodge....where she presented us with the most beautiful and inspiring packets ever! Dave made all the journals that were constructed with watercolor paper and Disney golden book covers. In heaven. I wanted to do a twirl around the courtyard (like the little girl in a princess costume that I saw earlier that day....she twirled and twirled with no worries. She was just being. She didn't have a care in the world. And at that moment I believed she was the happiest person on the planet. And I was as well, witnessing that beauty of a child's wonder!)

And just allow me for a second to sing the praises of our leader and Disney expert extra-ordinaire, Tangie..... She had the best put-together itinerary for the 4 days that we were together. It was evident that she did her homework and went step-by-step through the park planning our days together and the time spent at each perfect journaling spot. I imagine her being lead by Tinker bell herself as she planned and created each and every detail.

I took lots of photos of our time together.
and psssst.....I hear we may be doing this again in October

 Cindy and I waiting for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.
This was the first ride we did as a group.
(check out the dude behind us…photobomb….lol!!)

 I made this journal page shortly after the pirates ride over in the Saloon.
That's what I loved so much about this retreat is that you get a chance…and take the time to
journal while inspiration is fresh in your mind.

 loved the "square" trees over by Alice

Innoventions entrance
 Teacups were closed for the evening because of the rain.
but it made for a wonderful shot.

 Tangie and I getting ready to demo at the Rainforest cafe
The dreamiest room ever!

 All of our Journals - made by Dave Baxter
pinch me, I must be dreaming. 
When we opened the kits our eyes became that of a kid again.

 Walt's Apartment in the Firehouse on Main Street
They leave the light on 24/365 - symbolizing Walt's presence still
(made me tear up….)

 me inside Walt's apartment. This was part of the "Walk in Walt's footsteps" tour

 Mulan journal page - inspired by Mickey's Magical Map show

 My sweet, beautiful friend Cindy and one of her Mickey ears self portrait. 
Serious love for this girl!

 bride from the Haunted Mansion

 Lightening McQueen - Cars Land

 Tim's Drawing in the Animation academy
He does much better than me. I don't follow directions to well :-)

The next 3 shots are of Alice's Mad Tea Party 

 Sammy Baxter, Tangie and Dave's daughter….
crazy awesome drawing/painting skills 
this girl possesses!
 one of my favorite parts of the retreat was hanging out and journaling
over at the big thunder Jamboree in Disneyland
The older, more obscure characters also made a showing.

 My dear Cindy girl, rocking her orange ears and shirt (orange being her favorite color)

 ooo bee doooo….i wanna be like you--oooo. walk like you, talk like you
at Mickey's Magical map show
(check out the awesome trumpet player on the right…)

Tim and I in a Pooh honeycomb

 sunset over Cars land….sigh….dreaming of being there now

A spectacular ending to a retreat that I'll never forget. 

I will post all of my journal pages very soon!!


  1. You guys look like you had a great time! I used to live in southern CA in the late 80's. We went to Disneyland 5 times in 1 year. Donald Duck would recognize me every time we went. The park was small enough to do easily in one day. What a great idea for a retreat.

  2. Glad you're back safely. Looks like a blast! Thank you for sharing the trip with us! xo

  3. You know how bad I wish I was there... and you got to meet my girl Valeri ;)
    Only went to our French Disneyland. Going to California to this one is on our list.
    October ? we need to get in touch *winking at Lynda*

  4. love the photos! trying, still, not to be sad that we didn't have much time together and i didn't ride many rides (of course, being partially deaf and feeling sick for two days didn't help anything) but it was a blast and i'm so happy for the connection in our group. still trying to figure out if i can make october a reality. <3

  5. It could'nt be better! I SO wish I was there with you! I loved watching your picts on Instagram and know you had a blast! xoxo


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