Monday, May 5, 2014

Beach Work

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I took some time away and went to the beach. The poodles had a blast walking on the beach. At first they were scared of the water lapping up onto their paws, but they adjusted quickly. We rented a small house that was pet friendly and it had a lovely fenced yard where we played fetch with Merlin and Sammy. They came back tired and happy. Us too!

Merlin's favorite spot...out on the porch scoping out the bunny that visited us on Easter

Texas state line BBQ

 Sammy Sasparilla
 Easter Sunrise

 Merlin watching the birds and the sunrise

paint table

 two tired poodles

Here is some work I created while away.....


  1. oooh this makes me so happy. I miss you (can't wait to find some way next year to hug you for real).
    the poodles seem to have had a nice vacations too ! I hope Tim had a blast as well <3

  2. Looks like fun was had by all. So relaxed and happy. Hugs xx

  3. That looks so wonderful! Oh, I've got to get my poodles to come along with my family to the beach! I think Auggie would love it! (Not so sure about Meemes. Haha) Beautiful artwork, too. I'm especially fond of the bunny tag!

  4. I love that the dogs were able to go with you, as they deserve some relax time too, and love that you made art while away. Looked like a lovely time. :)

  5. SO lovely! All of it - and I'm loving the tags! Bravo, naturally ;) xoxo

  6. love your art so much...tyou for sharing what u do...

  7. beautiful art, as always! Just love your style Mindy. :)

  8. Love these paintings - so beautiful and inspiring as always

  9. Looks like a beautiful spot to enjoy some time away. :-)


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