Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sunday Mornings giveaway winners!!!

These 3 blessed folks were chosen at random…..and you guys are the winners of the $50 charity donation of your choice!!!!
Michelle Saxon
Maggie Kopp Martin
Jay Watkins

and here is the winner of the beautiful painting by Michelle Sylvia
Barbara Ford

I'm so thankful for all of you helping to spread the word. and THE Word…. :-)

please email me at mlacefield13 [at] for further directions.


  1. Wow! I'm thrilled to have won the beautiful painting! It was a joy to "spread the word," and looking forward to the class! Thanks!

  2. = ) HOW Cool!
    'Congrats to all...Have a SWEET Mother's Day = )

  3. Hi, I have just recently found out about your Sunday Morning class and want to join. What a wonderful idea this is!! I have been trying to sign up and can't get it to go thru, I sent you an email with more details. Let me know if you got it please and if you can help. THANK YOU!! Dawn


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